How to juggle your hectic schedule with help from Technology

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There is so much great entertainment on the television but how do you fit it into a busy lifestyle? Juggling life, work and looking after children can make time to yourself a precious commodity so how do you enjoy all your favourite TV shows while still doing all the other multifarious tasks you have to get on with during the day?

Technology is wonderful when it comes to catching up on entertainment that you may have missed and there is a range of ways you can watch what you want, when you want. Many programmes can be found on Catch-Up TV just after they have aired so you need never miss out on your soaps, documentaries, drama or comedies as they are available for you to watch whenever you have the time, usually within seven days. Watch your daytime chat shows at 2am or catch up with late night comedies while getting dressed at 7am – you choose the time to watch your shows.

Sometimes, just as you sit down to watch a gripping drama the phone will ring or someone buzzes the doorbell and while this can be frustrating when you don’t expect it, these distractions don’t need to prevent you from enjoying the show. Many TV services allow the pausing of live television to return to it after chatting with a friend on the phone or signing for that delivery at the front door. Simply press pause and return to the show shortly without missing a moment.

Many channels are available with ‘plus one’ options to allow you to watch the same show but an hour later. This can be the perfect solution when two programmes that you wish to watch are on at the same time, with plus one channels it means that you can watch the first show then tune into the plus one channel for the other show so you can always watch both.

If you simply don’t have the time to watch a series or a documentary, many services allow you to record programmes on the hard drive to watch whenever you wish and with the ability to record full series from week to week this could be the perfect opportunity to enjoy the series over a lazy weekend – if you ever get the chance! With many services you can record two different channels while watching another channel at the same time – isn’t technology just wonderful!

If all else fails, you could always buy the box set online and stream it onto your TV. Life can be a ridiculously busy but that doesn’t mean that you need to miss out on TV shows, there is plenty of technology to help you catch up on your television treats!



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