How to Get the Small and Intimate Wedding of Your Dreams

While you have perhaps always dreamed about your big day, you don’t necessarily have to get too lavish with your plans. It’s not always about having the grandest and expensive of everything; sometimes playing it right down to create a more intimate feel can make a wedding more special. Instead of having hundreds of people on the guest list, you may prefer a smaller and cosier atmosphere with people you really want in attendance. If you’re considering having a small wedding and are in need of some inspiration for your upcoming big day, check out the following tips below to get you started:

·        Choose a small, non-traditional venue

Not having the pressure of fitting hundreds of guests into your venue means you can get creative about where you’d like to hold the ceremony. You could choose a place that resonates with both of your interests, or perhaps even the location where you first met. However, if you prefer sunnier climates, there’s no reason why you couldn’t get married abroad, and head to Europe, Asia or Australia, but do take into consideration as to whether the majority of your guests will be able to afford the expense, or if elderly or disabled family and friends will be up to the journey.

·        Book a wedding band

The key to a good wedding is having a great soundtrack, so the style of music you select from the reception through to the evening do is important. This isn’t limited dependant on location as you can easily find a suitable wedding band wherever you host your wedding. For example, if you decide to head to Australia, instead of hiring a traditional DJ, you could consider booking a wedding band Melbourne who can tailor their service to whatever it is you’re hoping for. They cover acoustic performances to party-starting DJ sets where you can ask for your very own song requests. One thing is for sure, you can guarantee they’ll provide the soundtrack of the time your life!

·        Replace caterers with a food truck

Who said you had to have a sit-down meal for a wedding? It’s becoming an extremely popular option to hire a fast-food van for outdoor receptions. There are plenty of options to choose from including the likes of pizza, fish and chips and burger vans. First thing’s first though, be sure you speak to your vendor about licenses, so you don’t fall into any trouble.

·        Make invitations more personal

When you have hundreds of guests to invite, you simply haven’t got the time to make everything personalised. However, for small-scale weddings, it’s much more doable. You can make your friends and family feel much more appreciated by phoning each one individually to inform them of your big day, before sending out a customised invitation.

·        Keep the bridal party small

If a small wedding is more to your taste, it’s probably an idea to keep your bridal party on the small side to keep costs down and to keep the balance right alongside the number of guests you invite. If you can’t imagine getting married without your sister by your side, select her as the maid of honour without any additional bridesmaids, while your partner chooses his best man.

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