How to Get Rid of House Centipedes?

House centipedes are pretty easy to spot as they are 1-2 inches long. They are also surprisingly fast. However, the good news is that they are not generally aggressive. While one could bite you, it would usually require you to pick the centipede up and handle it first.

The second lot of good news is that the house centipede loves to eat other insects, such as bedbugs, cockroaches, silverfish, termites, and even spiders.

In short, you need to think about whether you really want to get rid of them, they can be more effective than your local exterminators!

Eliminate The Food Source

The most effective way to rid your house of house centipedes is to eliminate the food source. They hunt at all times of the day and night depending on what bugs you currently have in your home.

If you want to stop them coming into your home you need to stop other insects and spiders from entering. If there is no viable food source the house centipede will go elsewhere.

Eliminating other bugs may require the assistance of a pest control expert. You can use insecticides in each of your rooms or even bug bombs which should help. But, a visit from a professional will ensure that you locate any nests you didn’t know existed and destroy them.

Without food, the house centipede will move on.

Sealing Gaps

Your home has plenty of gaps and cracks where bugs can get in, you need to seal them all. This means paying special attention to the areas around doors and windows. The aim is to block insects of all sorts from coming in. This will also prevent the house centipedes from entering but they’ll be less inclined to enter if there is no food to attract them.


House centipedes generally live in warm and humid areas. This means they’ll enter your home when it’s cold outside and are likely to find somewhere damp, such as leaking plumbing. Check your walls and all the pipework to ensure you don’t have any leaks. If you do repair them as this will eliminate the damp places that the house centipedes are attracted to.

Consider Their Role

However, before you rush to eliminate the house centipede from your home remember that there are no cases of it doing harm to a human except where it has been picked up and bitten you.

Its bite feels like a small bee sting and a cold compress will eliminate the issue in no time. That’s if its weak jaws have enough power to penetrate your skin!

But, it will effectively hunt other insects in your home, insects that do cause issues and can make you ill. The house centipede does not leave a smell, does not carry disease, and won’t harm your clothes, furniture; or house structure.

In short, other than their appearance, these are good friends to have in your house, they’ll keep other bugs away.

It is possible to eliminate them simply by removing their food source, that should be your real aim as it will make your home a better place. The absence of house centipedes will confirm you’ve eliminated the other bugs!


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