How to Find the Best BBQ Catering for Your Kid’s Birthday Bash

Slow cooked barbecue made from the freshest meat is divine. If you’re planning to have a barbecue for any occasion, check out for their services in different locations.

Now, if you’re planning to have an outdoor-themed birthday party for your kid and plan to serve barbecue, it’s only fitting that you find the best catering service. Every parent needs to ensure that their kid’s birthday bash is memorable for everyone. Having food that’s superb guarantees a memorable experience.

Check out the following steps to help you look for a barbecue catering service:

Consider the Kind of Service You Want

Your choice of a catering service will always be based on your needs for the occasion. Barbecue catering services may offer different packages depending on your needs. You may want one or a combination of food delivery, food preparation, or setup preparation. Also, your occasion might call for a complete team of staff and trained personnel.

Here are some things you might want to consider in this step:

  • At home or somewhere else. Consider where you plan to hold the occasion, whether you want to have it at home or in another location, like in an outdoor obstacle party. Plan if you want to have the food cooked on-site or if you want it to arrive cooked and ready to eat.
  • Formal or informal. If you plan to have a formal affair, you’ll need a full service complete with staff to serve your guests. If the setup is more relaxed, you may not need extra services for your occasion.
  • Delivery or pick up. Some barbecue catering services may offer a delivery service or pick up service for your ordered food. Consider if you have the time to do this step or not.

Make A List of Barbecue Caterers

Now that you know the kind of service you want, the next step is creating a list of potential catering services that you want to hire. However, since there are many catering services companies, it might be difficult to choose the one that suits your needs.

Here are some ideas about where to find these services:

  • Get recommendations from friends and family. It’s always better to get suggestions from people you know and trust. One of your friends and family might know a reliable barbecue catering service that they’ve already tried. Ask about their experience with the service and the kind of services they availed. Note what they really liked about the barbecue catering service and the areas that they need to improve.
  • Look online. If you fail to get suggestions from your family and friends, or you just want to do the research work on your own, the best and the easiest way to do that is online. You can try the search words “barbecue catering service + your location”.
    • Visit each website and check out the services they offer and compare them with your needs. If they offer the services you want, put them on your list.
    • Write down the contact details of the catering service on your list including their phone number and their address.
    • Also, don’t forget to check out the reviews for the catering services on your list. Review both positive and negative reviews to have a more balanced idea of the services they offer. Remove services from your list with consistent negative reviews to shortlist only the best ones.

Set A Food Tasting Schedule

By now, you have already narrowed down your list to just a handful. The next step is to set a tasting schedule with the caterer. If they provide service for large events, this service should be available.

However, if they can’t provide such service, you may want to visit their location as an alternative. Inquire about their packages and see if they offer more affordable deals for full services or for many guests.

Consider Their Specialty

Check with the barbecue catering manager what foods they consider their specialty or their best seller. You may also ask about their menu and take this opportunity to ask him about other specific needs you want to be included in your services.

Ask For A Quotation

Once you have checked the catering services you have shortlisted for your kid’s birthday, ask for a quotation for the service you need. Compare the prices among the services and choose which one to hire. Consider also if they provide freebies for their packages.

Book A Schedule

After choosing the catering service that fits your bill and offers your needs, don’t forget to get back to them and book a schedule. This way, you’ve already taken care of the food for your kid’s birthday, and you have time to relax before the big day.

Closing Thoughts

Not all barbecue caterers all over the country will provide the services you want. So, ensure that before choosing a catering service, you already have an idea of the number of guests you have, the atmosphere or the party theme, the location and the services you need.

Don’t skip checking the reviews of the catering services and visiting the locations to evaluate their professionalism and their specialties.

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