How to Dress Your Child for Autumn

Autumn can be a tricky time to know what to wear: the weather is getting chillier and wetter but there is the occasional warm day too and we’re generally not ready to go completely over to the winter wardrobe. However, we say embrace it! Make the most of not freezing to death just yet, and mix and match with some summery bits as well as a few cooler favourites.

The same goes for kids: you can still have fun with what they wear in autumn. Don’t head straight for boring but functional and instead embrace the beautiful colours of the season and its changeable ways. Here are a few Essex Mums autumnal favourites:

  • Wellies: who doesn’t love wellies? As kids get older they may well reject them so make the most of their cuteness while your children are young. I have always dreamt of a lovely little yellow pair like the ones in the Shirley Hughes book ‘Alfie’s Feet’. This was always one of my favourite stories, and tried to get some for my youngest son, Dexter who loved the Alfie books too. We managed to get some bright orange ones, which were nearly as good! Grab your kids some bright wellies, a fun umbrella and get puddle jumping!
  • A nice coat: Autumn calls for something warm and waterproof, but not full-on skiwear! Armani Junior have some nice coats for boys that look perfect for wetter weather. We love a gillet too, perfect for layering so you can cool off a bit if you do get a warmer day.
  • Knitwear: Chillier days definitely call for lovely chunky cardis and big warm jumpers. And what’s great is that at this time of year you still get to show them off as you can get away with not wearing a coat sometimes. One of my favourite looks for my daughter when she was a mad toddler was a chunky knitted cardigan and jeans, plus a wooly bobble hat – super cute!
  • Halloween costumes: it’s never too early to get practising for Halloween, at least that’s what my kids seem to think. Why should you only get one or two wears out of your costume when you can wear it all month! Just go for it, I say!
  • Something totally inappropriate: What’s fun about autumn is that you can still throw in a few random summery items. A lovely flowery summer dress? Sure! A jumper and shorts? Why not!

Hopefully we’ve given you a few ideas here. Why not share some of your autumn best? We’d love to see some pics too, the kookier the better!

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