How To Decorate Your Nursery

Decorating the nursery and getting it ready for when your new baby comes along is a really exciting time for some. For others, it’s a chore that has to be done amid plenty of sighing and eye rolling. Whichever camp you fall into, be sure to consider these things when you’re decorating your nursery.

Keep everything in reach of the changing table

This is one of the things that a lot of parents wish that they had known ahead of time when planning out their nursery decor.


As much as having a nursery that’s cute and cosy is great, primarily the room will be used for getting your baby to sleep, and for keeping them clean. This means nappy changes, and lots of them. When you are mid nappy change you don’t want to have to leave your child on the changing table to grab something from the other side of the room! Be sure that you plan out your nursery so that everything you need for the diaper changing process is within arm’s reach. It will make your life a whole lot easier.


Carpet is a great option for your nursery flooring. Carpets give a feeling of warmth and cosiness that you just can’t get from walking on other types of flooring. Plus a well-fitted carpet will act as insulation that will stop cold drafts from coming up between the floorboards and giving either you or your child a chill. You’ll be especially thankful for this when you’re in there in the middle of the night.


Fitting a carpet is hard work, and probably not something that you want to undertake while pregnant! Seek expert advice like Carpet Fitting Surgeon, a carpet fitters Tamworth, who will come out to you, measure up, and lay carpet that fits perfectly. All that’s left for you to do is choose the colour!


Your nursery should be as free of clutter as is humanly possible. You don’t want to be tripping over clothes and toys while you’re half asleep and trying to give your child their night-time feed!


A great decoration idea that will help you to avoid clutter is to install a set of pegs for hanging clothes on. Babies dirty their outfits multiple times in a day, so you can really save yourself some time by having the next outfit hanging up and ready to go!


You should also include plenty of storage for all of the accessories that babies come with, clothing, toys, books, nappies etc. Without proper storage you’ll soon find yourself getting into a muddle.

Washable wallpaper

Nearly all children will choose the moment that they are laid out on the changing table to go to the toilet. So invest in some washable wallpaper to make cleaning up that bit easier!

Design around sleep

Anything that can help your child to go to sleep is going to be a huge help! Some products that might help with naptime are:


  • A white noise machine
  • Blackout blinds and curtains
  • Mobile
  • A swaddling blanket



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