How To Create A Safe Garden For Your Kids

With the schools being closed, the spring holidays coming up, and the weather starting to get much more pleasant, the back garden is going to become one of the most important areas of your home.

If it has become something of a neglected space over the winter, or if, perhaps, you’ve never really paid much attention to it before, now is the time to get it ready so that the kids have somewhere safe and secure to play and let off steam. Read on for some useful tips on how to do this so that everyone can enjoy their own outside space.


Check The Trees

Trees are absolutely beautiful but they can also be problematic when it comes to your back garden. You will want a certain amount of shade in the garden to protect the children from the sunshine, but too much is a problem as nothing will grow and you just won’t be able to enjoy the outdoors. If your trees need to be cut back, hire tree surgeon Wolverhampton, rather than trying to do it yourself; hiring an expert is quicker and much safer too.

Even if you think the trees in your garden are fine, it’s best to check them. Wind damage through the winter can cause branches to come loose and these could fall at any time. Again, a tree surgeon is the best person to tackle this issue and make the area safe to play in and around.


Create A Boundary

If you want the children to play outdoors more, you will need to ensure that the boundary to your garden is secure. The last thing anyone wants is for a child to wander through an unsecure gate or crawl through a hedge and out onto a road or getting lost somewhere.

This is not an issue for older children who are more able to understand why they need to stay in the garden, but younger ones will need an added layer of security (of course, they will also need supervision). Adding bolts to gate and additional fencing to keep your garden a safe space for the kids to play is crucial.


Learn About The Plants

Unless you planted absolutely every item in your garden yourself and no birds have dropped wayward seeds on their way past, you won’t necessarily be able to account for every single plant within your garden.

If you don’t know what the plant is then it is worth doing research to check whether it could be poisonous or not, or whether it has toxins in the leaves and petals that might irritate the skin. If this is the case, you can remove the plant before it harms your children and therefore be more confident that your garden is a safe place to play in.

It is also important to teach your children why they should never put any plant items in their mouth, and why they should always wash their hands after playing outside.

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