How To Become The Best Teacher

When you choose a career in education, for the most part you are going to want to be the best teacher you can be. Why else would you do anything if you don’t try your hardest to be the best possible version of it? When it comes to teaching, this can be tricky to work out; just how can you become the best? How can you be the teacher your students love to have a class with, and be the one they remember long after they leave school? Read on for some useful tips.


A Good Education

Although some people are natural teachers and are able to give information in an entertaining way, even these people aren’t born knowing exactly what it means to be a teacher and how to really engage a class with the right information. For those who don’t have any teaching skills at all and only have their own memories of school to think about, when it comes to being a teacher it is even harder.

This is where having a good education comes in. By choosing an excellent teaching degree course such as Bank Street Education programs, you will have an amazing head start in the classroom. You’ll understand all the small details of teaching rather than just the overall idea of it. This is why seeking out the perfect degree course in teaching is the very first step to being the best teacher.


Be Assertive

Once you are in the classroom there are lots of different elements you will need to bring together both in terms of your personality and your teaching knowledge. Something that will always help to make a teacher the best is being assertive when taking a class. You will need to show that you are the one in control, particularly if you have some children in your class who are not working as hard as they could be, or who have other reasons for not getting their work done.

This will require a good level of assertiveness; if you show you are wavering or not confident at all, you won’t be able to control your class and you won’t be able to help them to learn. Being assertive is not the same as getting very strict and telling people they are wrong or that they need to listen, it is much more subtle, and it is an important personality trait to learn if you want your students to really listen.


Make Your Lessons Relevant To Their Lives

Some teachers are thought of as ‘out of touch’ by their students, mostly because this is often exactly what they are. They don’t pay attention to the things that children and young adults are interested in, and they don’t try to understand it.

However, if you do start to learn about these things, even if you don’t understand their popularity, and you are able to incorporate them into your teaching, you will become a very popular teacher, showing that you truly can be the best. By using lifelike examples in your teaching, the children in your classes are going to be able to understand what you are telling them much more easily, quickly, and clearly, and you will get your job done more successfully.

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