How to Become More Confident in Your Smile

A beaming and genuine smile is one of the most attractive things that a person can wear, and it is often one of the first things that we notice about others when we meet them. Sadly, many people are self-conscious or even ashamed of their smile, and this can prevent them from putting their best foot forward in all areas of life. Being reluctant to smile can give others the wrong impression of our personality and can hinder a person’s social life. If you are someone who worries about what others think of their smile and would like to make a change, here are some tips and ideas to help you become more confident in your smile.

Smile in front of the mirror

It might seem strange advice to give a person who does not like the way their smile looks, but sometimes practice makes perfect. Stand in front of a mirror and try smiling in several different ways. You may be able to find a smile that accentuates your best features and disguises the bits that you are insecure about. When you have landed on a smile, you can adopt it whenever you want to smile, and soon enough, it will happen naturally all on its own.

Look after your oral hygiene

Some people avoid smiling because they are worried that they have bad breath or a mouth that appears to be unhealthy. To improve or maintain a good level of oral hygiene, make sure you are looking after your teeth and gums. Brush your teeth twice a day, floss and use mouthwash regularly, limit your sugar intake, stop smoking, drink plenty of water, and make sure attend your check-ups at the dentist.

Try tooth whitening treatments

A common source of embarrassment for people is yellowing or stained teeth, but there are now several ways to tackle this. There are lots of at-home teeth whitening kits that can help to brighten teeth, or you could ask your dentist about their teeth whitening treatments to ensure you get the best possible result in safe conditions.

Straighten your teeth with aligners

If your teeth are crooked, gapped, or overlapping, it may be possible to achieve a straighter smile with a course of Invisalign with Life Dental & Wellbeing. Working in the same way as old-fashioned metal braces, Invisalign are clear and almost invisible. They are worn for 20-22 hours per day for between 6-18 months and can deliver fantastic results.

Consider cosmetic dentistry

In some cases, cosmetic dentistry might be necessary to correct broken, cracked, chipped or missing teeth. Composite bonding, for example, involves filling gaps and reshaping teeth with tooth-coloured resin. Alternatively, thin veneers can be fitted to cover the front of the teeth to give a perfect yet natural-looking finish.

It is important to remember that you are not alone – there are lots of people who are self-conscious about their smile, but you do not need to struggle on. By taking steps to accept or improve your smile you could significantly boost your confidence and self-esteem, and studies have shown that smiling can improve out mood and even reduce blood pressure.

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