How to Become a Successful WAHM

As a mother, focusing on growing your business can feel like a constant uphill climb, one where the odds are persistently stacked against you and where you’re expected to fail. However, did you know that more mothers than ever before are successfully juggling their home and work lives, becoming financially independent and setting a strong, hardworking role model for their children in the process?

Of course, that’s not to say that working at home mothers have it easy, the constant struggle of household and family-based responsibilities coupled with the consistent demands of a growing business can quickly take their toll without the right approach. So with this in mind, we’ve gathered some tips to help you become a successful WAHM.

Let Social Media Work For You

Running your own business from home means dozens of work-related responsibilities are placed in your hands. You’re IT support, head content writer, digital marketer, social media manager and more all rolled into one. Understanding the importance of social media in terms of growing your business is essential to your success, but instead of simply posting online and hoping your great photography skills and caption writing will get you likes and shares, you need to turn your focus and actively promote the business on Instagram instead. This approach means embracing a variety of tactics to increase your follower numbers, your leads, traffic and conversions! Don’t just rely on daily posts to up your engagement, let social media work for you and bring those leads to your pages.

Work During Your Optimum Hours

Working a traditional 9-5 might not work for you as a parent and because you’re a WAHM, you have the autonomy and flexibility to choose whatever working hours suit you, your family life and your working style best. Perhaps you work better when the kids have gone to bed, or you prefer to work early in the morning and take afternoons off so you can focus on the school run? A little trial and error will determine the hours where you’re most productive, and when you have them down – embrace them!

Remove as Many Distractions as Possible

While it’s not recommended that you lock yourself away in a room and leave your children to fend for themselves during your working hours, removing as many distractions as possible can help you become a successful WAHM. Distractions can mean everything from your personal social media to the TV, the dog barking or your MIL dropping by uninvited. Try to work in a room where distractions are minimal, block your personal socials for a few hours, or put your phone on the other side of the room, and let family members know that if they need to come over, they should ask you first!

And Finally: Time Track Your Productivity

How long is it taking you to go through your emails? How long on average does it take you to manage those invoices? When you know how long certain tasks take, you can optimise your working hours better, and dedicate more time to other tasks, without neglecting others. Start time tracking your tasks and you’ll be surprised at how efficiently you can work going forward. 

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