How Technological Advances Benefited Moms

Being a mother is like a full-time job, and a challenging one nonetheless! While many first time moms don’t really have it all figured out, and could use some help, experienced moms need a hand just as much. Thankfully, being a mom nowadays is pretty high-tech as inventors around the globe compete to come up with inventions that will make life easier.

While most inventions are definitely meant to benefit people on a grand scale, today we have taken the liberty of picking some finds that are more relevant to mothers. The below examples will show you how technological advancement can certainly have a positive impact on every aspect of the lives of everyday moms.


Entertainment: Edu-Games

Kids love to play; moms love to teach kids new things – they seem like two, very opposite agendas, don’t they? You will be excited to know that education and online gaming certainly aren’t enemies, and can work together to serve you and your child. There are many options of online games nowadays that are the direct result of cooperation between game designers and educators. They aim to create the perfect experience for kids, combining learning and play. It’s good to remember that gaming can help develop hand-eye coordination; promote computer fluency; increase memory capacity; as well as enhanced strategic thinking and problem-solving abilities.


Safety: GPS Tracking for Children

Losing a child in an open area must be one of the most terrifying experiences a parent can go through. Unfortunately, it can happen to virtually anyone — anyone can make a mistake and lose track of their child in a heartbeat. That said, if you still don’t know what is a GPS tracker for kids, you should really catch on. Child GPS trackers come with a variety of features and options, and I personally think that’s it’s an amazing invention that every parent should consider, since there is nothing more valuable than the safety of your little ones.


Lifestyle: Smart Toothbrush

“I had already brushed my teeth” is something most moms hear way too often, not knowing what to believe. To tackle this debacle, a French company came up with an electric toothbrush that promises to teach kids to brush their teeth and have fun at the same time.

This smart toothbrush integrates with your smartphone through an app that collects data about how well the kid is brushing, for your eyes only. The fun part? The app is actually a game that is played by children while brushing their teeth. It encourages brushing for the recommended time, and draws the child’s attention to brush the otherwise neglected corners. Isn’t that amazing?



The world around us is moving fast, with new inventions and technological advances every day. With that, we grow as well, ditching the old ways and embracing new technologies that help us save time and money, and spares us unnecessary worries. From entertainment and gaming options; to safety and security developments; as well as a myriad of lifestyle inventions, technology is playing a crucial part in making everyone’s life easier, and moms are no exception.


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