How Dads Can Make Mother’s Day Special For New Mums

In a few short weeks, it will be Mother’s Day, the holiday that celebrates motherhood in all it’s glory. As your kids get older, they’ll make you cards and give your cute little presents. But when they’re little, Mother’s Day can be treated as just another day. Unless of course, your partner – aka dad, wants to come to the rescue.

The other day, I was chatting with a friend about how her partner always used to make Mother’s Day special for her when their kids were small. This got me thinking, wouldn’t it be nice if all dads made the effort to make Mother’s Day extra special for new mums?

New mums are under a lot of pressure, and so come Mother’s Day, whether their child is old enough to say so themselves, they deserve a treat. Being a mum is hard work, especially when you have a newborn to deal with. At times, we all need a little reassurance and what better way to do that than to make a big fuss of the new mum on Mother’s Day? So, dads, it’s time to listen up, and do whatever you can to make Mother’s Day special.


For making Mother’s Day extra special for new mums, here are a few ideas:


Treat her to some pampering

The chances are that if she has a newborn to look after, she’s in need of a pamper. Make her day extra special by spoiling her with some pampering that will make her feel good about herself.

If she hasn’t had the time to get to the salon recently, why not buy her a voucher and book her an appointment to get her hair styled? Tell her that you’ll watch the baby so that she can have a break and spend some time getting pampered. New mums spend most of their time covered in spit-up food and goodness knows what else, so they definitely deserve a pamper come Mother’s Day.

To help her relax, why not book her in for a massage as well? Or how about a gel nail treatment? We all need a little pampering now and then, and what better way for her to spend Mother’s Day than being pampered? If she’s uncomfortable leaving the little one just yet, how about booking a mobile beautician to come to your home? The new mum gets to be pampered and doesn’t have to stress about how her little one’s doing at home.


Book a table at her favourite restaurant

Ask any new mum what their pet hate is and the chances are they’ll say being stuck in the house all day, every day. To make Mother’s Day as enjoyable for her as possible, book a table at her favourite restaurant and treat her to lunch. You can take the baby with you, or if you’re comfortable with it, you could leave him or her with a sitter.

Some new mums don’t feel comfortable leaving their babies with a sitter. If this is the case, why not suggest that you’ll stay home and watch the little one. Perhaps you could invite some of her friends along to join her for lunch so that she can enjoy some girlie time? When it comes to putting a smile back on her face, girlie time is always the best answer.


Pick the perfect gifts


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The new addition might be too young to write a card or pick a present, but the new mum still deserves a little something. For the card, choose something cute and personal – Moonpig and Funky Pigeon are perfect for this. To make the card extra sentimental, write it as if it’s been written by the baby. (Any new mummy will love this idea.)

Once you’ve got the card sorted, the next step is to pick the perfect gift. To go alongside whatever present you opt for, a bunch of beautiful Mother’s Day flowers are a must. The best gifts are personalised ones and mementos that the new mum can keep forever. Perhaps a personalised necklace with the new addition’s initials engraved on it could be perfect? Or maybe a silver cast of his or her feet or hands could make the ideal present? There are so many cute gift ideas that any new mum would love, so there’s no need to stress. Have a good old think, and you’ll come up with an idea that’s perfect.


Make her smile

New mums are under a lot of pressure, as they have so much to think about. To relieve some of that pressure and make her feel a little happier, there are lots of simple things that you can do. Sometimes, all it takes to put a smile back on a new mum’s face is to put a load of washing on or give the kitchen a clean. It might not be a traditional Mother’s Day gift, but she’ll appreciate it more than you know.

If you have some spare time, why not make her day by cleaning the house from top to bottom? It might take some time and be a tiring job, but the result – a smile on the new mum’s face, will make it more than worthwhile. Trust me, any new mum will appreciate a cleaned house more than anything else.

Or, how about making up some batches of food and freezing them? Cook up a few healthy dishes, portion them up and then freeze them down so that there’s always something healthy to eat. For new mums who are struggling to lose their post-baby weight, having no time to cook can be a nightmare. That’s why, if you take the time to make up some batches of her favourite healthy meals, she’ll really appreciate it.

Being a new mum is hard, which is why come Mother’s Day, all mums deserve a pamper and a few little treats. The good news is that if you’re a guy who’s wanting to make your partner’s first Mother’s Day extra special, all you need to do is take note of the tips above.



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