How CBD Could Improve Your Wellbeing

Marijuana is well-known for its psychoactive properties which leave users with a ‘high’ feeling, but there is much, much more to the cannabis plant than that. The substance which produces the high, THC, is only one of many found in the plant, alongside a separate substance called CBD. CBD or cannabidiol does not have a psychoactive effect on users but has been found to have many potential benefits both physically and psychologically. While research into CBD is ongoing, CBD is being used in the wellbeing industry more and more. CBD supplements are widely available, but it is also now available in creams, oils, and patches which are applied to the skin.

This article outlines some of the main ways in which CBD could improve your wellbeing.

CBD does not include THC or narcotics

Marijuana is well-known for giving the user a feeling of calm and relaxation, but there are also other less welcome effects such as the psychoactive high or the possibility of nausea, paranoia, etc. CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant, but it does not have the same psychoactive effects. While having THC in your body would cause you to fail a drugs test, CBD products do not have this effect.

However, as CBD products are becoming more widely available, it is important to be able to make sure you are buying high quality CBD products. It seems that there are new brands appearing every day, but they may vary in terms of composition, production method, ethical practices, efficacy, and safety. With the best in CBD products, you can enjoy the benefits of the cannabis plant without any of the unwanted side-effects.

Eases stress, anxiety, and other mental health issues

A common reason for CBD use is that it can ease anxiety and stress which are prevalent and challenging mental health issues in the modern world. CBD products can be taken when you are feeling stressed or anxious, or they can be taken before an experience which you expect to be stressful to help you to stay calm. There are also reports that CBD can help people suffering with depression, insomnia, and schizophrenia.

Pain management and medical treatment

It is worth noting that at the moment CBD can only be prescribed by doctors for some medical conditions such as epilepsy (click here for more information), but CBD can be helpful patients suffering from inflammation and chronic pain. This research covers a wide range of other medical conditions as scientists investigate the potential long-term effects of using CBD. Current studies are looking into the benefits of using CBD in the treatment of arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, quitting smoking and other addictive substances, cancer, and type 1 diabetes.

Natural alternative to man-made medicine

CBD has potential for use in pain management because it can interrupt the pain signals being sent between the body and the brain, i.e. the endocannabinoid system. This natural pain management substance may have significant advantages over stronger, man-made medicines which can cause damage to the liver. Traditional medicines and painkillers can damage the body when used for a long period of time. In contrast, CBD promotes homeostasis which means it prevents the body from overreacting or becoming imbalanced. CBD can also help to alleviate nausea associated with strong medications, e.g. helping cancer patients to cope with the side-effects of chemotherapy.

Improve acne and other skin conditions

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties and capacity to reduce sebum production, there is also evidence to suggest that CBD products such as lotions and creams may be effective in the reduction of acne and inflamed skin conditions.

Recovery after exercise or injury

While it is clear that CBD has many potential benefits for people suffering with mental health problems or chronic pain, people who consider themselves to be generally healthy can also benefit from CBD. CBD can reduce inflammation and relax the muscles in the body, which can have great advantages for athletes (or any active person) after strenuous exercise or people recovering from an injury. For example, adding a little CBD oil to a drink can help to both ease stress and muscle tension before or after an important sports match. Topical CBD creams and lotions can be massaged into strained muscles to soothe tension and ease discomfort.

Heart health benefits

There has been research which suggests CBD could have benefits for the circulatory system and the heart. High blood pressure can lead to serious complications such as a heart attack or a stroke. Studies have found that CBD can help to lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation, and prevent the death of cells due to its positive impact on stress and antioxidant properties.


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