Home indulgence. How to transform your bathroom into your very own spa

We’d all like a little more “me time”. Sadly with our hectic schedules, parenting, the kids and everything else you’ve got to do, rest and relaxation are hardly the order of the day. Despite this, you deserve your own space to relax and unwind in, and seen as Covid-19 has rendered many of the facilities at our favourite spas unavailable, why not recreate the experience at home, with a simple yet highly effective bathroom makeover?

Transforming your bathroom into your very own spa doesn’t mean you have to invest in a new bathroom suite or install your very own sauna, with just a few simple changes, swaps and additions you can reset and relax after a busy day and feel ready to take on what’s next. Read on for how to transform your bathroom into your very own spa.

Lighting is key

When you visit the spa, the lighting is very low. It’s warm and atmospheric. It’s not bright and harsh like the overhead light in your current bathroom. Thankfully, recreating this glowing ambience is easier than you think. Making the switch to LED light bulbs is quick and easy and you’ll notice the difference straight away. With dimmable options for the ultimate in relaxation, to adjustable spotlights in colours of warm white and cool white, these amazing bulbs will add sophistication and rest to your bathroom in an instant.

Add a bathtub caddy

The ultimate bathroom accessory. The bath caddy is another effortless way to introduce some spa-like vibes to your tired old bathroom. Perfect for holding that glass of sparkling prosecco, your lotions, creams and magazines as you sit back and relax in the bath with your favourite bubble soak. Search online and you’re sure to find one that suits your style.

Plants are essential

Plants make every room look homely, and in this case – comfortable yet sophisticated. That splash of green keeps any bathroom looking fresh and opulent. And don’t worry if you’re not a plant kind of person, many houseplants thrive in hot and humid environments, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to keep one alive and kicking.

Add a chair

After you’ve stepped out of the shower or your bathtub, you’re going to need somewhere to catch your breath, breathe in that steam and apply your lotions and body creams. Adding a chair to your bathroom instantly transforms the space from just somewhere you get ready in the morning, to somewhere you relax and enjoy spending time in.

Think flooring

Bathroom floors put up with a lot. So, if yours is looking a million miles away from anything that resembles a spa experience, then don’t worry. Introducing a simple rug will add a layer of comfort and elegance to your bathroom.

Invest in a little luxury

When was the last time you had new bath towels? Or a robe and slippers? No spa is complete without any of these features, so treat yourself to some fluffy white towels, a gorgeous robe and matching slippers. There’s nothing better than wrapping yourself up in a warm, fluffy bathrobe after a long soak in the tub!


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