Home Cleaning – A Simple Guide

Keeping your home clean is something you need to work on every day. It helps a lot when you keep on top of these everyday tasks, so this article is here to help. This is a simple guide to cleaning your house that anybody can use. Try it out for yourself!

Get the right cleaning materials

The first thing to do is get the right cleaning materials for each room. What is best depends on the room and what you’re cleaning.


– Sponges or dishcloths for washing up; cloths for wiping; vacuum cleaner; disinfectant; brush.


– Sponge or cloths for wiping surfaces down with water/soap solution; old toothbrush for cleaning tiles; rubber gloves; disinfectant.

Living room:

– Dusters or vacuum cleaner; clothes for wiping down surfaces with a soap solution.


– Vacuum cleaner; washcloths or old toothbrushes for dusting surfaces/furniture.

Always be careful of the areas you’re going to be cleaning. Some things can break easily, so don’t go smacking them around with your sponge! Be gentle and firm; never strong.

Plan for each room

The next step is to plan for each room. This might seem like the hardest part, but it’s actually more simple than you’d think…


– Washing up; wiping down surfaces with soap solution; disinfecting; dusting; vacuuming.


– There’s no doubt that keeping your bathroom clean is definitely harder than cleaning a spare room. That’s why it pays to be prepared. You must plan for at least an hour to clean your bathroom properly, and it is a good idea to do this on a day when you’re not rushed.

Living room:

– Dusting; picking up mess as you go along.


– Washing sheets/changing bedding; dusting furniture; vacuuming.

How long it takes to clean depends on how big your house is, the number of people living in it, and the time you spare. If you’re rushing to get out the door when your parents are calling for you, then cleaning can be rather difficult! So, make sure that there is plenty of time when doing chores.


Use your vacuum cleaner for carpets to remove dust/dirt that may be trapped inside the pile of the carpet. This will make them look newer for longer, which means it will pay off to buy a decent one when you first move into your home.


To clean a surface:

– Wipe it down first with water/soap solution (water if the surface isn’t wooden or delicate, soap if it is); then dry it off.

To clean wooden surfaces:

– Wipe them down with warm, soapy water until the dirt’s gone; then wipe dry with a soft, lint-free cloth or tea towel. Finish by wiping over with furniture polish to bring out the shine.

Keep any liquids away from electrical items, like televisions or stereos. If someone in the house is sensitive to chemicals, then avoid buying or using any harsh cleaning products that are not natural.

Keep your hands away from your eyes when you’re cleaning, even if there’s no chance of splashing them with water/chemical solution. This applies particularly if you use bleach or other harsh chemicals. These can cause irritation in some people, so be careful! You should never mix up bleach and ammonia together. They react to each other in harmful ways!

If you have any pets, keep their food and water bowls clean when you’re cleaning because anything they eat or drink from could get splashed with your cleaning chemicals by accident. Keep the room well ventilated to stop this from happening.

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