Growing Your Family: How to Maximize Space in Your Home

Despite being eager to grow your family soon, you might fear you don’t have enough space to accommodate a new baby son or daughter. Little children might be small in size, but they make up for it with an endless array of toys, clothing, books, and trinkets.

If you want to expand your family and have plenty of freedom to move once a baby arrives, you might need to undertake a few changes to your property. Find out how to maximize space in your home.

Make Use of an Unloved Loft

Are you guilty of using your loft to store Christmas decorations or belongings from your childhood? Rather than allowing your possessions to gather dust in the unloved space, you should convert your loft to add essential square footage to your home.

It can prevent you from moving to a bigger property to provide your growing family with extra space, as you could convert a loft into children’s bedrooms, a playroom, or even a master bedroom for yourself and your partner. If you can’t imagine watching your kids grow in any other property, reaching out to a professional loft conversions specialist could be an ideal solution for you and your growing family.

Introduce Clever Storage Solutions

Most homes feature unused crawl spaces that can provide families with extra storage space. For example, you could install modern units under the stairs, which will be ideal for housing throws, blankets, footwear, toys, and keepsakes. Also, buy multifunctional furniture, such as a bed with drawers, a convertible snooker dining table, or a stylish sofa with storage space underneath.

Use Vertical Space

Increase your floor space by making use of your home’s vertical space. For example, you could provide your kids with more freedom to move in their bedrooms with bunk beds, shelving, and bookcases. You also should make use of the space above your kitchen cupboards or refrigerator, as you could invest in bigger cabinets or add attractive storage boxes.

Knock Down a Wall or Two

An open-plan design can create a spacious, light, and airy home, which will allow the whole family to move with ease. All you might need to do is knock down a wall or two that separates your living room from your kitchen and/or dining room. It can also create the illusion of a bigger property, so your home will feel less cramped and claustrophobic.

Purge Your Possessions

If you have yet to do so, you must aim to declutter every room of the home. If you haven’t used an item in more than a year, you probably will not use it again, so throw it away or donate it to charity.

Get your children involved, too. For example, you should ask them to find toys or books they have outgrown or no longer want, which you could donate to a local hospital, dental practice, or charity. It will allow the items to go to a better home while freeing up your space.

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