Gifts for that Special Someone this Christmas

Christmas comes this time each year, and with it, the panic of what to buy that special someone rears its stressful head. Believe it or not, gift-giving anxiety is a real thing.

Below we’ll explore some gift ideas and hopefully help you to decide what to buy that special someone. Let’s try and reduce those stress levels!


1: Photo Albums

Select and then print out a set of photos and find a gorgeous album to display them in. The work and love you put into this will be evident in the finished product.

Sending people photobooks is becoming increasingly popular, with many sites popping up that offer this service, but sending an actual album filled with separately printed photos can feel even more special.

Sites such as Heritage Photo Albums offer an array of fantastic handmade albums that would definitely make a statement and show that special someone you’ve really thought about the gift. You’ll be surprised how reasonably priced albums are nowadays, and you can personalise them too!


2: Gift Boxes


The great thing about gift boxes is that you can personalise them to the tastes of the individual you are buying for. It’s simple: buy the box (preferably one with a Christmas theme) and fill it with items they like.

If they like candles, you can fill it with candles, if they like books, you can fill it with items related to reading, or even a mixture of things. The possibilities are endless!

But, if you’re struggling to figure out what to put into the box, then have a look online for plenty of ideas that could inspire you.


3: Something Retro


A Rubik’s Cube, a retro gaming console like an SNES, retro sweets or even an old board game like Connect 4 or Frustration – buy something that will remind your loved one of their childhood. It’ll surely go down a storm.

Helping your special someone to relive their happy memories is one of the most endearing gifts you can give them. Think of your favourite childhood toy/game and how you would feel if someone bought it for you this Christmas. How amazing would it feel?

So why not try it yourself and buy something retro for that special someone?


4: Gift Cards


Sometimes a Christmas present can be as simple as a gift card.

What does that special person in your life love most? Do they like clothes? Do they like books? Drop it into the conversation if you’re not sure and then act accordingly.

You could then find a digital gift card experience that can be fully personalised with photos and can even be wrapped in digital wrapping paper. However, you can always stick with the good old traditional printed version in an envelope and hand it to them in person. By getting a gift card, you can ensure then that whatever they choose to get, they will completely love. Usually, gift cards range from between £5 – £300.


And remember…

Try to be personal with your gifts. Personal gifts are often the best gifts to give, and this particularly rings true at Christmas.


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