Getting Your Confidence Back After Birth: Simple Tips For Busy Mums

After having a baby, your entire life changes. Whether it’s your first or you’ve already had several kids before, bringing every new addition into your family is a unique experience.

Research shows that as many as 70% of new mothers suffer from mental wellbeing issues during or after pregnancy, including self-esteem and confidence losses.

While this is perfectly natural, for the sake of yourself and your family, including your new little one, you need to work to get your confidence back and start to feel like your old self again.

You’ll then be able to be the best possible parent to your precious baby and help them become the greatest version of themselves.

Still, finding the time to look after yourself is not easy when you’re the parent of a newborn, so it can be tough to restore your self-confidence.

Here are some simple, practical ways you can boost your self-confidence after giving birth and get yourself back to feeling your best.

Reduce Your Time On Social Media

Social media can be a toxic place, and while there are plenty of online communities for new mums that offer practical tips, many are less informative and more about showing off. As a result, it’s easy to convince yourself that you’re not doing enough or that your parenting style is bad by reading misleading posts on social media. So, where possible, you should try to reduce your time spent on these platforms and instead try to have fun with your new addition in the physical world. Also, try to find supportive online communities where new mums share realistic photos and honest testimony, rather than groups that are sponsored by brands or that make you feel bad about yourself. Like in the outside world, when you’re online you should try to surround yourself with supportive people who will make you feel better and don’t knock your confidence. Instead, your online friends, like your real ones, should be those who make you feel better about yourself.

Smile More

Smiling can be a great way to make yourself feel happy and look more cheerful to others. We’ve all seen photos of ourselves and known that we would probably look a lot happier and more confident if we were smiling more. So, try smiling more often, both when you pose for pictures and when you’re just around the people you love the most. Sometimes, smiling more can be hard if you don’t like some of your facial features, such as your teeth, then you might be less happy to smile. If you’re not happy with your smile, then consider exploring some simple ways you can make your teeth and lips look perfect and naturally gorgeous. For mums with discoloured or crooked teeth, solutions such as bespoke designed veneers could be the perfect solution. Experts like the team at Waldron Dental Clinic specialise in dental veneers for clients in Deptford and the surrounding area so that you can get your smile back to its previous pearlescent brilliance.

Treat Yourself And Prioritise Self-Care

It’s always easy to forget yourself after you have a baby and spend all your time, money and energy on your little bundle of joy. While babies do need a lot of care and attention, you can’t look after them effectively if you’re not well yourself. That means that you need to ensure that you use some of your time to prioritise self-care. An easy way to do this is to treat yourself to a new beauty procedure, such as getting your nails done or having your eyelashes tinted. You could also invest in a new outfit. It’s surprising how much these small changes can do for your self-confidence, so try to treat yourself to a beauty treatment or a new set of clothes every few weeks and make the most of that positive feeling you get from it. You’ll then be able to face whatever the world has to offer and make the most of your time as a new mum.

Never Be Afraid To Ask For Help

After having a baby, it’s natural to feel a little less confident for a while, particularly if it’s your first baby. However, prolonged stress and lack of confidence could be a sign of a serious issue. If you’re unsure about your mental wellbeing and need support, then talk to your doctor. Many organisations in the UK offer mental health support for new mums, so you can get the support you need and start getting your life back on track. These tips should help you to find small ways to adapt and make yourself feel more confident, but if they don’t help in the long term or you feel continually unhappy, then make sure you get help quickly. You’ll then be able to enjoy your time with your precious little one and make great memories with them.

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