Getting Better Sleep As A Mom – There Is A Solution

No mom decides to be cranky and no fun. There can be several reasons for the foul mood, and one of the top reasons is that she is tired and not getting her fair share of sleep. New moms average only around four and a half hours of nightly sleep during the first year after a baby’s birth.

As a new mom, if you’re not dreaming at night, you might be daydreaming to get a good night’s sleep. Everyone has some sleepless nights, but you want to prevent it from becoming a daily routine. If you have an infant or tot, you might find that your best efforts to create a sleep routine for both of you have failed miserably.

So, what is the solution? Thankfully, there is more than one so let’s start.

Have Meaningful Visits

Everyone you know wants to get a glimpse of the newborn. Some guests can be helpful and do some things for you, while you rest. You can delegate some chores to those people that have nothing to do with the baby, if you prefer, like preparing a meal or doing a load of laundry. By all means, have those people with you when you can.

Others might be more in the way than being of help; no need to have guests who expect entertainment. That’s an extra load of stress that you could do without for a while. Be polite, but clear to those guests that you would rather wait until they can come and visit you. Most people will respect your request.

The Problem Isn’t in You, It’s under You

Hormones can spike or drop, affecting sleep. Yet, there could be an obvious problem that is contributing to your inability to drift into a comfy sleep, but you do not see it, and it’s not in you. When your baby is happily asleep at night, and when they pass six months and have more stable sleeping hours, and your hormones are back to normal, but you’re still tossing and turning, the lack of sleep or insomnia could very well be due to the elephant in the room – an old, worn-out mattress. It is time to consider purchasing a new mattress. If you want to even take it a step further and go down the eco-friendly route, there are plenty of amazing options on the market. The eco-friendly mattresses at  Keetsa mattresses can give you a great idea of what to expect from these kinds of mattresses. They’re usually made from eco-friendly material and are super comfortable. These kinds of mattresses are usually designed ergonomically for better back support to give you a great sleeping experience. Sleeping on a lumpy or sagging mattress undoubtedly affects the quality of sleep.

A mattress does not have to be in shreds, with springs popping out, before it gives out, so do not depend on the physical appearance of a mattress to judge if you need a new one or not. Even if you cannot always get the required amount of sleep because your baby needs you, you can get quality sleep from a new mattress, waking up feeling vibrant and ready for a brand-new day with your baby.

Sleep When the Baby Sleeps

Busy moms want to take advantage of the time when their baby is asleep to catch up on other things. You might want to do some chores, or even something more pleasant like reading or watching your favorite program. It is tempting to do that, but not the best thing to do. As long as your baby is sleeping, the advantage is getting yourself some sleep too.

Turn Off Bright Lights

You’ve heard this before, but why does it work? Melatonin is the “sleepy” hormone produced by the body. It secrets best when the atmosphere is dark, so too much light blocks this from happening. Being exposed to light does the exact opposite and gives the body the feeling that it’s time to rise and shine

This light also includes the light illuminated from electric devices. When the baby is asleep, you might think this is the best time to check your email, messages, and the likes. But that is not the case if you want to sleep. You have got a choice of other activities that induce sleep. Try listening to the radio, for instance.

Stop Worrying

It’s natural to worry and always be on-guard. You’re devoted to the needs of your baby, so it’s not surprising that you’re always on standby mode, worrying that you won’t hear her cry when she needs you. You want to be ready for your baby once she wakes up. There are plenty of solutions for that; the most basic of them is using a baby monitor to alert you when the baby wakes up.

Sleep is not a luxury or something for moms to feel guilty about. It’s a medical need for everyone. Sometimes, there are physical reasons why you’re not sleeping well and there are other external reasons, and both of them have their solutions. It’s a big, delightful change to have a new member in the house. Babies and sleep deprivation don’t always have to come together. You can sleep better with these solutions.

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