Four Ways to Make Christmas More Sustainable for Parents

As a parent, it is only natural to want to make Christmas the most magical day for your children. Regardless of how many you have, this time of year plays a major part in creating those all-important core memories. Yet, all the pressure for perfection is no good for stress levels and will in reality have the opposite effect on everyone. So, to avoid all the unnecessary anxiety and channel peace during the holiday seasons, here are four ways any parent can make Christmas more sustainable for their family.

Source Ethical Presents UK

There is an eco-gift out there for kids of all ages if you know where to look. This brilliant range from, for example, has a whole list of the best sustainable gifts UK has to offer. To bust the myths about eco gifts, many of them are not more expensive than the plastic toys in the big brand stores, they are great quality items that are built for longevity, and there is a range of fun products to pick from. So, not only will you be investing in something that will last but you also step away from the materials that cause harm to the earth as well, such as plastic. Take this stage one step further by opting for sustainable packaging and wrapping too.

Focus on the Menu

It is hard to deny that food features heavily during the holiday season. Whether it is the big meal on the day itself, or all the parties leading up, there are lots of areas here where you can be more sustainable. Menu planning and creating a specific food budget are two useful tools that will minimise waste all around, and lead to a lower carbon impact as a result.

Minimise Travelling

Seeing loved ones is part of the package, but that often means lots of travelling about the country. If you do have to make multiple trips, consider how to do it in an environmentally friendly way. For instance:

  • Consider the benefits of hiring an electric vehicle as opposed to a petrol or diesel engine
  • Stay at home instead
  • Travel lighter by having presents sent directly to where you will spend Christmas day
  • Organise a group event instead of house hopping between relatives
  • Shop locally and avoid big car journeys out for these purposes

Recycle Your Tree

There are good and bad sides to buying a real Christmas tree. While you are not contributing to the plastic consumers, you run the risk of essentially wasting essential materials for the sake of frivolity. So, while real trees are the better choice for a lot of reasons, it is important to opt-in for a recycling scheme. These programmes collect the tree once the season is over and done with, and re-pot them. Some establishments even allow you to re-purchase the same tree the following year.

Christmas is traditionally a time of year to be with family, and friends and celebrate. Yet, sustainability should become a dominant focus to protect the earth, save money and teach better habits to the next generation.

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