Four Ways to Get the Most out of Your Staff

Whether you manage five people or fifty, one of your keenest priorities is to have your team working effectively together. You want them to be happy and fulfilled in their roles, and motivated to work as hard as possible to make your business grow. Balancing the demands of different egos and personalities is often difficult and can lead, if you’re not careful, to workplace disputes. In this article, to avoid disputes and achieve harmony in your workforce, you’ll learn four key ways in which you can get the most out of your staff on a daily basis.

Talking Honestly

Often, there’s a small communication barrier between a staff member and their manager. We all know these exist, though we rarely acknowledge them. As a manager, you need to try and bridge that gulf without ever losing your authority and the respect with which you’re held. And to do that, you need to talk honestly and openly with your staff, at regular intervals. You can do this in intimate meetings, at group conferences, or after work over a drink or a meal. Just ensure that you’re opening a space for honest feedback and dialogue – it’ll be appreciated by your workers.


Your staff cannot work to their utmost abilities without being armed and equipped with the necessary tools to help them succeed. In many cases, especially in an office environment, this will boil down to the level of digital skills that your staff operate with. You may find that some of your staff members are working incredibly well, but they’re hitting roadblocks when it comes to supposedly simple digital processes, like using your software or sending attachments in emails. If you can get these individuals trained more appropriately, your whole team will produce far better work.

Feedback and Surveys

Your staff like to feel that their opinions matter, and they appreciate being asked how they think things are developing within your business. Providing them with that facility will help them show you where you might be going wrong and, if you offer an online survey, you’ll have concrete data to return to in order to assess your own management style. Use providers such as to help you build an easy survey to send to your workers’ email addresses, and wait for the honest feedback to roll in.


Finally, you’ll know that everyone appreciates a target – an objective or goal to strive towards in a given timeframe. Even without the incentive of a reward, targets are useful to guide work and to set priorities, but if you’re happy to set up rewards too, you’ll see your productivity skyrocket. Whether rewards are given to your whole team, or just to the most excellent individuals, is entirely up to you. What’s important is that they’re issued fairly and with reflection on the data you have at your disposal to assess the relative productivity of your different employees.

With so much you can do in order to boost the productivity of your staff, these four tips will help you shape a better management style for the future growth of your company.

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