Four maintenance tips for your office building

Offices are busy and hectic environments experiencing a lot of traffic each working day; as such, it is all too easy for an office to sustain wear and tear over time. However, it is important that you maintain your office for a number of reasons. A scruffy workplace can be demoralising for staff to work in, and give a negative impression to outside visitors such as potential clients and customers. Furthermore, a poorly maintained office can present many health and safety hazards that could result in devastating accidents. To help keep it in top condition, here are four maintenance tips for your office building.

1. Window maintenance

Many office buildings are built with extensive window systems in order to maximise the amount of natural light to make for a light and airy working space. However, your windows can easily become damaged with broken panes and compromised double glazing, resulting in leaks and poor insulation from drafts and cold outside temperatures. A commercial glass maintenance company, like Glazing Renovations, has the expertise to repair and maintain your office window systems, using ropes to abseil to access difficult-to-reach areas.

2. Carpets

With constant wear from grubby shoes and mysterious stains from coffee and other spillages, the carpet in your office can quickly look worse for wear. Dirty carpets can give the wrong impression to visitors, and rips and sticky patches can be trip hazards, so it is important that you take good care of your carpet. Deep clean your carpet using an industrial carpet cleaner at least once every few months to remove deep seated dirt and bacteria. If you have decided to upgrade a damaged carpet, look for a hard-wearing replacement with a short pile that is easy to maintain.

3. Clean desk spaces

With heavy work loads and lots of paperwork to get through, staff may not want to waste time on washing up coffee mugs and plates and disposing of empty water bottles and sandwich cartons. However, clutter can quickly build up on desks, which can give the wrong impression to visitors to your office. Furthermore, a cluttered work space can perpetuate disorganised practices and errors. It is therefore important that staff keep their desks in a clean and tidy condition, perhaps by scheduling one day of the week as desk tidy day and requiring all employees to have cleaned their desk before they leave the office that day.

4. Furniture

Your office furniture may be set out in such a way as to create clutter; however, this could produce trip hazards resulting in serious accidents. A simple reorganisation of furniture could result in a more attractive office space that is easy to navigate and makes better use of the space. Assess furniture for repairs and replacement. Wobbly desks can be repaired and stabilised, whereas you might decide to upgrade your desk chairs to ergonomic office chairs for the comfort of your employees and to promote better posture.

These tips will help you whip your office into shape in no times at all.

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