Five Ways to Enjoy a Day Off

When balancing both work and motherhood, having a day off completely to yourself can be something of a rare event. You might be surprised with the sudden freedom and have no idea how to spend your time. This guide provides ideas for five different ways to make the most of a day off. Read on to see what’s been picked.


Take a Spa Day

A spa day is the perfect way to relax, recharge and feel like a new person when you return to mothering duties or to the office. There are many different activities available in a spa, such as making use of the jacuzzi or sauna, or purchasing a relaxing massage. You can even partake in some botox courtesy of the services supplied by SDBotox Medical Spa.


Go on a Long Walk

Going on a long walk, taking in the scenes and seeing sights you have never seen before can boost both your mental and physical well-being. Take the train or your car to a beauty spot that you’ve always been meaning to visit but never had the chance to get to before! Track your steps on your phone or a wearable fitness device to get an extra boost of satisfaction as you hit the recommended 10,000 steps! Take along a friend or a partner and see how well your communication improves over a long walk in nature.


Get Some Shopping Done

If you’ve got a lot of items on your to-buy list that you never seemed to get round to purchasing before, this day is the perfect opportunity for a huge shop where you can buy new clothes or essentials. Make a shopping list during the days beforehand, as this will give you something to look forward to and make sure that you don’t forget anything. Then on the day itself, head to a mall or shop online and really treat yourself to purchases you feel that you deserve.


If you have been neglecting your physical health during this time, a day off is the perfect opportunity to restart your exercise regime. Be aware that there is no small amount of exercise that isn’t helping, so be sure to set small goals that are easily achievable. Either make use of a day ticket at a gym, or you can try some exercises from home, freely available on YouTube. You’ll find that after this day’s concerted exercise, you will have more impetus to try and exercise on a regular basis.

Clean the Home

Another way to spend this day, although perhaps not so appealing on the face of it, is to have a massive clean. Whether it’s papers that need sorting, children’s clothes that need to be taken off the floor and washed, or just a general sense of dustiness, you can spend this day transforming your home into a completely new space. Just make sure to have a drink at the ready for once all the cleaning is done!

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