Five Tips for Your Essex Countryside Home

The beauty of Essex lies in its mixture of town and country. There are plenty of places to visit with London never far away, while there are also lots of green spaces perfect for those who prefer the outdoors. With that said, there are a few points to bear in mind in order to get the most out of your Essex countryside home. Read on in order to learn all about it now.


Stable Doors

If you want doors to your house that truly evoke the feel of a countryside, then there is no better choice than installing some stable doors. They can increase the value of your house as well as turn it into an inviting and cosy place to visit. For a solid option, Wooden Luxury offer a great service for installing stable doors.


Build a Barn

Whether or not you choose to keep livestock, one fine choice is to build a barn of your own. It needn’t be used for its traditional purpose but can be transformed into a unique space for relaxation and recreation. Just be aware that it would cost you a fair bit of money to convert an outhouse into a barn and even more if you are looking to build a barn from scratch.


Get a Dog

With so much space to run around in, dogs absolutely love living in a countryside house. That’s why it’s recommended to get a dog. Not only can dogs help you to bear the worst parts of living in rural isolation, they also need to be walked regularly — at least twice a day — meaning that they will help you to exercise and to make the most of what the countryside has to offer.


Be Self-Sustainable

If you live in the countryside it helps to be sustainable, especially when you factor in the time that it takes for you to get to the shops and back. Make sure that your countryside house has a sizeable pantry or cellar that can be called upon whenever you run out of something. That way you will only need to go to the shops once or twice a month as opposed to making the long journey once a day or once a week. If you also have the means to do so, it might make sense to try and grow your own vegetables. While this will take some time and cost a fair bit of money to set up, there are significant savings to be had here in the long run.


Install a Log Fire

Countryside houses can get cold in Essex, especially if you are in the middle of nowhere, but there is no reason to despair, as you can easily make your house extremely cosy courtesy of a log fire. Simply install a wood burning stove and place it in the middle of your living room and then you will have a great place to curl up next to while playing board games, chatting over drinks, watching the television and more.

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