Five Kitchen Trends For 2020

If one of your new year’s resolutions was to finally update your tired, old-fashioned kitchen, then you want to make sure you make the most of any work you have done. This is the room where many of us spend most of our time so, even though it will see a lot of use, you won’t want to replace your kitchen very often (let’s face it, it’s just too expensive to do so!).

To make sure you achieve a classic yet contemporary look for your kitchen that will last for years to come, you’ll want to keep an eye on the latest kitchen trends for 2020. These are just some of the items that you may want to include in your renovation project.


Have A Larder

Larder cupboards – sometimes known as pantry cupboards – have become one of the must-haves for a modern home in recent years, and have been a kitchen staple for centuries. It means that your foods are all in one place, rather than scattered about in numerous other cupboards, and you can be more organised when doing your food shopping. They also free up your wall space, which can help your kitchen feel more relaxed, instead of cluttered.


Look: No Handles!

Advances in push-open and close doors mean that you can have that free-flowing contemporary design and paired-back look for your kitchen. This means you can do away with handles for your wall and base cupboards. Yet, if you’d prefer not to have push-open cupboards, you can still have the same look but with recessed handles, which can be lined with contrasting colours and materials.


Add A Pop of Colour

You have plenty of colour opportunities for your kitchen: from appliances to floors, windows to cabinets. So, you can have fun with unexpected paint-colour combinations. Decide how long of a commitment you want to make. For instance, one of the easiest and cheapest options is to paint a single wall, which can be updated easily if you aren’t happy with it. If you’re still struggling with décor ideas, you can learn more from the experts at  Hartwoods Kitchens, who will be able to share their interior knowledge.


Statement Floors

Let your floor do the talking and keep everything else in your kitchen relatively minimal. A kitchen with a statement floor could be styled with handle-free cabinets using one of the greyscale tones in the tiles. You can make it feel ultra-modern by incorporating open shelves and white worktops. Having statement tiles are also effective for an open-plan kitchen.


Use Living Room Furnishings

These furnishings in our kitchens are growing in popularity as open-plan living becomes more popular. Lighting has freedom in the modern kitchen, with statement pendants being used more to dress them, and that’s because lighting plays an important role in making our kitchens feel more like our living rooms.

Follow these tips to ensure that your new kitchen will be on-trend and continue to look great. Once you have created your dream kitchen, it can be enjoyed by your family in the years to come.


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