Five Fun Wedding Favours That You Can Gift Your Wedding Guests

Wedding favours are small gifts that you give to your wedding guests as a small thank you for attending your wedding and helping to make your day extra special. Wedding favours also provide guests with a lovely memento of the day. Traditionally, sugared almonds were given as wedding favours, but these have since fallen out of fashion, and couples are looking at favours that perfectly reflect their personality. To get you thinking, here are five fun wedding favours that you can gift your guests.

  • Wedding tissues

There’s rarely a dry eye on the wedding day, and guests might find themselves tearing up at several points during the day, whether that is when the happy couple are exchanging wedding vows or during their first dance at the reception. Personalised wedding tissues make a great gift for guests who have forgotten their handkerchiefs, saving them from crying into their sleeves when an emotional moment arises during the big day.

  • Turkish delight

As a delicious update to the traditional sugared almonds, you could gift your guests a bag of Turkish delights as a wedding favour. Turkish delight, also known as loukoumi, is a popular dessert sweet throughout Greece, the Balkans, and Turkey. It is traditionally flavoured with rosewater, but other popular and delicious flavours include pistachio, cinnamon, and clove. As well as being a mouth-watering sweet treat, Turkish delight is relatively long-lasting (it can last 8-10 months in a container), making it a great choice for wedding favours – though it is sure to be eaten long before the best before date!

  • Candles

Candles make great wedding favours as they provide guests with a lasting memento long after the day has ended – guests can light the candle as they enjoy a relaxing bath and be transported back to your special day. Yankee Candle makes a selection of small votive candles that are the perfect size for wedding favours. There is even a flavour specially designed for wedding days, scenting the air with sophisticated floral notes.

  • Kids’ activity boxes

Though most adults love a wedding, they can be long and boring days for kids. Don’t leave them out of the wedding favours by providing them with a specially thought-out kid-friendly gift. Kids’ activity boxes will be a hit with the younger guests, keeping them amusing during long speeches and the after-dinner disco. These might include a colouring set, some sweets, and perhaps even some small toys to play with. This should help children stay well-behaved and enjoy your wedding as much as you do.

  • Bottle of bubbles

A bottle of blowing bubbles will entertain adults and kids alike. They can also make for magical photographs when guests start blowing their bubbles. Look for them in a themed bottle, such as a wedding cake shape or personalised with your names, for a sophisticated take on this fun wedding favour. Look for eco-friendly bubbles that are sustainable and better for the environment, and non-toxic should they be ingested.

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