Five Common Causes of Carpet Stains

Try as you might to keep your home in pristine condition, day to day domesticity will always put a spanner in the works. Carpets tend to bear the brunt of accidental upsets and often appear heavily soiled, spoiling the look of your home.

Typically, it’s never water that gets splashed on your soft furnishings, but a substance that’s sure to stain. The same few bothersome, liquid liabilities are always to blame and here are five of the most common causes of stained carpets.

1. Juice

Soft drinks, such as juice, have a tendency to taint your carpets. Attending to the spill immediately, however, can save the time and effort it will take to treat the stain at a later date.

2. Tea and coffee

These common culprits can really spoil the appearance of your carpets. Use a paper towel to blot the spillage and soak up the liquid. Clean clothes are ideal, but use a white one to avoid any colour from the cloth running into the carpet. Never rub or scrub spills, as this runs the risk of damaging the carpet fibres or spreading the stain.

3. Wine

Red wine can be a pretty tricky customer to eradicate from fabrics. Tackle the spill straight away by blotting with a clean cloth, and then apply salt to the affected area. Salt will absorb the wine and can be vacuumed away after the stain has dried. In some cases, salt can completely eradicate any trace of the spillage.

4. Grease

To get grease out of carpets, use an appropriate cleaning solution. Work from the outside of the stain to its centre and try to lift the spill rather than rub it into the fibres. Remove the solution by blotting with a paper towel and spraying with clean water to rinse.

Cover the area with a clean cloth and apply weight overnight to remove excess water. Vacuuming will then return the dry fibres to their normal texture.

5. Make-up

Not all carpet stains occur as a result of liquid spills. Powder cosmetics can easily be smudged into your carpets when attempting to clean them away, but spot and stain removers can be a handy way to treat such stubborn smears.

Of course, spills are not merely confined to the carpeted areas in your home. Consider floor cleaners from Vax for clearing up liquid spills from tiled or wooden flooring. Steam cleaning hard floors is an effective way of eliminating bacteria and achieving sparklingly clean surfaces. There is even a range of carpet cleaners available for those looking to tackle softer flooring.


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