Factors To Consider Before Buying A Vacuum

A vacuum cleaner is a trusted household appliance that we can use to get rid of dust, dirt and minute particles that get into our homes or mess up the floor. Things can get more complicated if you have pets in the house. Pet hair and dander can be spread anywhere inside the house – carpets, sofas, clothes, cupboards and many other places. Dust can be a persistent house invader as it keeps coming back after you seem to have cleaned it off. These domestic pollutants have to be cleaned and fast before the people inside our homes get sick or uncomfortable. Sadly, not a single vacuum has ever lasted a lifetime, and the trusty vacuum that you have now will need a replacement in the future. Technology changes the features of vacuums, but there are factors for choosing a vacuum that still remains the same. Take these factors into account, and you’ll be able to choose another effective and trusty vacuum cleaner.

Consider the Price

In buying any new appliance or item in the house, the price is always an important aspect. An expensive vacuum cleaner doesn’t always mean it’s better than a lower priced one. Also, don’t be fooled be online advertisements of “latest, greatest or best ever”. Essentially, the basic function of a vacuum cleaner still remains the same. For an in-depth review of the specifications of a vacuum cleaner, you can check out review sites or manufacturer sites. Also, a cleaning site can actually provide useful tips, reviews and recommendations on the best type of vacuum for domestic use. Cleaning sites are mostly about professional cleaning services, so you can be assured that the reviews or recommendations are unbiased and are based on the experience and objective observation of the reviewer.

Purpose or Intended Use

Ask yourself first on what is your intended use of the vacuum cleaner. Is it for cleaning the house? Is it for office use? Is it for your car? Are you going to be using it indoors or outdoors? Vacuum cleaners have gone a long way to become designed according to specific use. Gone were the days that you use a single type of vacuum cleaner for both your car and home. If you have a car and you also have kids or pets as frequent passengers, you’ll need to invest in a car vacuum cleaner. Home vacuum cleaners are designed in specific ways and thus other types of vacuums have other specified purposes.

Bag or Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Bagless vacuums offer the advantage of eliminating bag replacement. However, the catch is improper emptying of bagless vacuums can cause re-dispersal and re-entry of dust, dirt and allergens back into your house. It is highly advised that bagless vacuums should be emptied outdoors to prevent re-contamination. On the other hand, the bag offers higher containment capacity for dust, dirt and allergens and also a sealed container for disposal. The catch is you may need to spend for replacement bags if the vacuums are frequently used.

Vacuum Cleaner Attachments

The floor isn’t the only part of the house that needs regular cleaning. There are parts of the house that also need regular cleaning, such as shelves and cupboards, curtains/drapes, upholstery, mattresses and many more. If you intend to buy a single vacuum cleaner around the house, you’ll need a vacuum with a wide array of tools. Look for crevice tool, upholstery tool, hose attachment, dusting brush and extension wand among other things you need to attach. Some vacuums can efficiently remove pet hair through specialized pet tools.

Shape, Portability and Storage

Choosing from a stick, canister or upright vacuum? Consider the ease and comfort of using as a factor. Upright vacuums are great for floors that are mostly carpeted. Canister vacuums are easy to maneuver in tight spaces and are also portable. A stick vacuum is ideal for even tighter spaces and hard to reach areas, and it is also lightweight and portable.

A good vacuum must be easy to store. It should be compact enough to be tucked away in a room corner. If the vacuum has a wall mounting, go for it. It can make storage very easy for you.

There can be so many factors to consider when buying a vacuum cleaner. You just have to consider your budget, ease of operation, purpose of use and storability. Also, if the need to buy isn’t that pressing, think about other factors that can be added in the points to consider before making that purchase. The concept of having the best vacuum cleaner for your home is rather subjective and depends on which vacuum cleaner meets your home cleaning needs efficiently.   


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