Expert Tips For Younger Looking Skin

We all want to have younger-looking skin and today’s beauty industry is worth billions of dollars. There are tens of thousands of different skincare products available on the market and it seems like there is a new miracle solution being promoted by celebrities and beauty bloggers every week. With so much conflicting information online and in beauty magazines, it can be difficult to know which products can genuinely benefit our skin and which are just the latest ineffective trend.

To help clear up some of the confusion, here are our expert tips for younger-looking skin.

Replace Whey Protein With Pea Protein

These days many people take whey protein as a muscle-building supplement as part of a training diet, but whilst whey protein has great benefits for muscle growth and strength building, it can cause many skin problems like acne and increased blemishing. A really effective alternative to whey protein is pea protein which provides all the same workout benefits but is far better for the skin. Pea protein provides a number of key amino acids that help to prevent skin from drying out so it stays shiny and tight. Pea protein contains a significant amount of glutamic and aspartic acid which have been shown to increase skin elasticity and durability and slow the signs of aging. Pea protein is available from all supplement and health food stores so you will have no trouble finding it.

Apply Estriol Cream

Estriol is a female hormone that is produced naturally inside a woman’s body. Estriol has many functions but one of its main functions is to increase how much collagen is synthesized. Collagen is the protein that makes up all of our bodies’ structures including our skin and which gives skin its natural thickness and elasticity. The levels of collagen synthesized in our bodies reduce as we age, which is why our skin loses its elasticity and becomes saggy and loose as we get older. Estriol is the weakest of the three female hormones which make up estrogen and this makes it great for your skin because it is too weak to penetrate into the bloodstream. Estriol creams have been shown to have a really positive effect on skin elasticity, reduce the rate of skin aging, and decrease the depth of wrinkles and the size of pores. In-depth studies and testing of estriol users have not shown any negative side-effects which means not only are estriol treatments effective but they are perfectly safe.

Book A Stem Cell Treatment

Stem cell “facelifts” have become increasingly popular in recent years as a non-surgical alternative to a traditional facelift. Stem cell treatments work by taking your own fat, concentrating the stem cells in that fat, and injecting it back into your face to restore your skin’s natural elasticity and strength. Many experts insist that taking regenerative stem cells from your own body to erase the signs of aging is significantly more effective than standard treatments which will plump out your skin but won’t actually make you look younger. Receiving stem cell treatment can be quite uncomfortable and there may even be some minor pain but the results really do make up for a few minutes of discomfort. Stem cell treatments physically turn back the clock, stimulate collagen synthesis, and increase the thickness of the skin. After two weeks you will see some amazing results and within three months, your skin will be dramatically improved.

Activated Charcoal Treatments

Using activated charcoal skin treatments has been shown to be very effective in combating acne and removing various toxins from the skin. Charcoal treatments are applied to the skin and with a little extra heat, the surface area of the charcoal expands. This creates little spaces or pores in the charcoal, into which oils and toxins are absorbed leaving the skin clean and clear. Activated charcoal treatments have been shown to be especially good for people living in busy cities whose skins are exposed to a huge amount of pollution, exhaust fumes and other harmful chemicals. It is also a great treatment for people whose skin has been overexposed to sunlight as their pores may be clogged and charcoal treatment will help to clear them out.

There are so many great beauty treatments that can have amazing positive effects on your skin and leave it looking younger and healthier. With so much contradictory information out there about the latest miracle cures, it can be hard to know what sources to trust. If you are looking for ways to improve your skin and restore its natural shine and elasticity, try out the tips explained in this guide.

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