Ensure Road Safety with a Road Hero Space Saver Kit

There is no legal requirement to have a spare wheel in your car when you are out and about. However, this is not exactly a sensible approach to take because spare wheels can get you out of trouble in plenty of different circumstances. Of course, if you change your wheel because you have suffered from a blowout, for example, then it can be tempting to put the old tyre in your car boot and forget about it. Avoid this – to be safe you really need to have a new tyre fitted to your spare. That said, there is another interesting alternative that you may not have considered before – the Road Hero Space Saver Kit.

What Are The Benefits of a Road Hero Space Saver Kit?

One of the big plus points of this kit is that it takes up less room in your car. Since most spare wheels are located in the boots of modern cars, they reduce your storage capacity a great deal. Some people don’t carry one simply because they take up so much room. With a Road Hero Space Saver Kit, on the other hand, there is a slim line wheel which is lighter, easier to fit and which takes up less space. You can now book your Road Hero Space Saver kit online at Elite Direct Tyres. Not only do you get a space saver wheel, but a high-quality temporary tyre is supplied along with a jack and a wheel brace – all in a simple, single package. You also get a bag to keep the entire kit in which is ideal for cars where the spare wheel well is unavailable for whatever reason. Although the space saver wheel is limited to top speeds of 50 mph, this is more than enough to allow you to continue your journey safely on all roads in the UK.

How Does a Space-Saving Kit Help to Ensure Road Safety?

All sorts of road surfaces lead to irreparable punctures. Whether you are driving over motorway potholes, uneven country tracks or urban streets with broken glass, getting a flat tyre is commonplace. If you have no spare, then you will have to wait for a long time for roadside assistance. This can mean pulling over in a dangerous spot, waiting on a grass verge in a vulnerable area and even having to put up with howling wind and rain since sitting in your car is rarely recommended for your personal safety. Instead, a kit like this can be your saviour, allowing you to proceed within minutes of hitting a problem. Remember that blowouts rarely occur at a convenient time or place. Just feeling like you might become stranded can place you under undue stress. On the other hand, investing in a suitable kit will mean you can enjoy tension-free motoring.

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