Enjoying Family Takeaway Nights

When our kids are very young, takeaways are often reserved for date nights once they are in bed. It’s a great opportunity to take some time together and it’s always nice not to have to cook after a long day with the kids. But as your children get older, and perhaps opportunities to go out without them start to expand, you might want to think about introducing family takeaway nights.

These nights are ideal for special occasions, or just days when you are all busy with afterschool activities and might not have much time to prepare and cook. It means you can do something special together, without needing to make much effort.

A family takeaway night can also be a great way to introduce your children to different flavours, foods, and cuisines. It’s an excellent chance to expand their diets and get them to try completely different things in the comfort and security of their own homes.

If you are thinking about introducing a takeaway night or making it a more regular thing, here are some tips to help.

Stick to Favourite Restaurants

As adults, we often want to try new things, but most of us come back to our favourites when we want something that we’ll know that we love. Having favourites is comforting, and it gives you security. Children are no different. If there’s already a restaurant you know they love like urban-tandoor.com that does takeout, this is a great place to start.

Let Them Try Your Food

You might not want to risk ordering your kids something brand new, or wildly different, even if they are keen to try new things. So instead, let them try bits of your meals and side dishes.

Order a Range of Options

If your kids love to try new things, or if you are keen to get them to taste different foods, then instead of ordering large main meals, it can be a good idea to order a few different starters and side orders so everyone can share. This style of eating can also be great fun and very social, helping to turn your takeaway night into an event.

Include Old Favourites

If they are fussy eaters, or you don’t want to take too many risks, there’s nothing wrong with ordering some chicken nuggets, or putting some in the oven so that they’ll be ready when your meal arrives.

Get Comfy

If you usually sit at a table, why not gather on the sofa, and maybe put a movie on while you enjoy your food? This will help everyone to relax and set takeaway night apart from other dinners.

Let the Kids Take Their Time

If there are a lot of new things to try, your children might feel overwhelmed. Don’t rush them. Let them take their time to try things, and even take breaks if they want to. Praise them for trying things, but don’t put pressure on them to hurry.

Order Early

Takeaway can take longer to arrive at peak times, and children aren’t good at waiting, especially if they are hungry. Make sure you avoid peak times and order early to stick to your dinner time as much as possible.

Family takeaway nights can be great fun, and an excellent way to spend time together as your kids get older, just make sure you still have the odd date night alone too.

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