Enjoy Your Garden All Year Round with These 5 Inspirational Ideas

This country isn’t well known for its glorious year-long sunshine. While having your own outdoor space is a luxury, it sometimes can feel like you barely have the opportunity to make the most of it, whether that’s due to bad weather, a busy lifestyle, or other priorities getting in the way. It’s a pity to have a piece of land that belongs to you without being able to use it, so hopefully, these five tips will help inspire you to make the changes necessary to start enjoying your garden, whatever the weather.

1. Stack the Cushions and Blankets

Garden furniture needs to meet two top criteria; first, it must be practical – the table needs to be level, the chairs need to be comfortable. Second, your garden furniture needs to be as waterproof as possible. These two factors don’t always go hand in hand, unfortunately. Waterproof furniture isn’t always particularly comfortable, and not being able to properly lounge in your garden might be preventing you from feeling the desire to spend time there. Have a crate or hamper near your garden door with designated cushions and blankets to take outside. Some fabrics, like wool, can even withstand a bit of rain without losing their warmth.

2. Keep Warm

Speaking of warmth, a huge reason many of us in this country don’t spend too much time in our gardens is down to the cold weather. Summer is a very narrow season compared to the others, and waiting for the perfect bout of sunshine to go out might lead to disappointment. To keep warm in the garden no matter what season, look for a good patio heater or fire pit. Even a few large candles placed effectively can provide a bit of heat. Once you know you can be cosy outside, you’ll be less resistant to enjoying your garden in autumn and winter.

3. Stay Cool

It might seem unlikely, but the occasional heatwave can also make sitting outside quite unappealing. If it’s too hot, staying indoors in the safety and comfort of the shade can be far more attractive than risking the glare of the sun. While a kids’ paddling pool and a hose might satisfy your initial desire to stay cool, a more stylish and long-term solution is a louvered pergola that creates a dedicated zone for time in the shade.

4. Choose Plants Wisely

If you aren’t much of a gardener, don’t force yourself to plant high-maintenance greenery you won’t want to care for all the time. Instead, look up some hardy native plants and use them to add depth and nature to your outdoor space. Potted plants work well for people with balconies or who don’t have lawns.

5. Create an Atmosphere

We often put a lot more effort and care into designing the interior of our homes that, even if we feel guilty about neglecting the garden, staying indoors is just more appealing. To change this, create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere in the outdoor space with mood lighting, attractive colour palettes, and as much of your own personal style as you can manage.

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