Draughty Home Windows? Ways to Keep Out the Cold

Draughty windows are bothersome, to put it mildly. No one wants outside temperatures to seep into their homes. Nothing screams annoying than having to deal with cold air in your house all the time, so how do you get rid of the discomforts that come along with a draughty window? Start by learning the cause of the issue. Then you can get rid of the draughty window problem permanently.

Causes of Window Draughts

Once the problem is identified, you can determine how best to keep out the cold and stop the air disruptions that come from annoying window draughts.

Window seal failure is one of the major causes of window draught. The seal can break for several reasons. It could be one or more of the following:

Cracks in the window caulking can also explain the draughty air you feel indoors. Often, these cracks are not easily detectable. Once there is a crack in your window caulk then, inadvertently, that’d be an easy way for outside air to come into your home

Old windows are a major culprit for window draughts too. The older the window, the more possibility of having a draught.

Finally, having windows that are not energy efficient is a problem. Now that you can identify where your issue is, the next thing is to find a solution. There are some temporary ways to stop window draughts, and one solution to stop it permanently.

Top Ways to Keep Out the Cold

Get a Draught Stopper

This works mostly for draughts that are sneaking under the window sill. It is easy to do. Place the draught stopper around your window sills to prevent draughts from coming inside. Although this works 100 percent of the time, it is not guaranteed to last for a very long period.

Replace Your House Windows

This solution is the only one to solve your draught problem permanently. It is not just about replacing your windows with any type you see in the market, though.

Instead, it is important that you replace your windows with uPVC windows that are energy rated “A” +3. The energy-efficient designs from Wombourne Windows are the preferable choice to get rid of window draughts permanently.

Invest in Storm Windows

Storm windows act as a sort of extra layer to your existing window. They are installed outside of your windows to function as a barrier.

This is only a temporary solution as the storm windows could develop faults as well. Re-investing in storm windows now and then can take a toll on finances as well.

Purchase a Window Wrap

Window wraps are mostly plastic coverings used to cover the interior surface of your window. This short-term measure helps prevent draughts from coming into your home. The downside to this method is that it doesn’t last long; it should be used only to get you through one season.

Concluding Thoughts

A lot of temporary solutions claim to solve your window’s draught issues. However, it’s usually a smarter investment to find a long-term solution. That involves replacing your windows with more energy-efficient uPVC windows that are rated “A” +3.

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