Do You Have Rodents in Your Home?

Rodents! Disgusting, right?

It’s a sad fact that rodent infestations are a huge problem for householders, especially in more populated areas such as inner cities.

While rodent infestations may be common, it’s not something that anyone wants, especially inside their home where their families are.

The Problem With Pests

Many people think mice are cute, and some people even keep rats as pets, but in reality, wild mice and rats are not your friends, and an infestation should never be ignored.

If you spot the signs of a rodent infestation, you should call a company that deals with rat control. Search online for rat control London, or wherever you are located, to ensure that the problem is dealt with swiftly and professionally – and the sooner the better.

How do you tell if you have a rodent problem in your home? Look out for these four common signs.


This is usually the first thing you’ll notice that will alert you to a possible rodent issue.

Rodent droppings, mostly faecal matter, are dependent on the type of rodent, with mouse droppings being around the size of a grain of rice and dark brown to black in colour. Rat droppings are similar but usually bigger and fewer in number than mouse droppings.

A Bad Smell

For anyone who has ever had to deal with a rodent problem, there is a distinct smell that follows rodent infestations around.

This smell is usually emitted from the urine and droppings of the rodents, and once you get a whiff of it you know you have problems.

Aside from the faecal and urine smell of rodents, you may also notice a more foul odour from dead rodents; a rotting cadaver will be pungent and attract flies and maggots as it decomposes.

Gnawing Marks

Ever moved a bag of rice in the pantry and seen a little hole in the corner? This could be one of the signs of a mouse or rat problem in your home.

Mouse gnawing is usually smaller and leaves little shreds of whatever it’s been chewing, but a rat can cause even more problems and gnaw through things like concrete, electrical wires, and even gas pipes.

Be sure to keep all food products in containers to lessen the risk of making it an easy target for determined and hungry rodents.

Scurrying Sounds

Scurrying and scratching sounds can often be heard when rodents are running around, and it can be very disconcerting for householders when they hear them.

If you live in the countryside, it’s more common to hear scurrying and scratching outside as there is more wildlife that is likely to make noises, but scurrying and scratching in your loft area is not good and could be the sign of a rodent problem.

If you’re concerned you have rodents in your loft, listen to the noises you hear. If it sounds like running noises, it’s more than likely a rodent, but if it comes in bursts of activity, it may actually be a trapped bird or even a bat that has entered your loft.

The only way to tell is to go up and have a look for any of the other signs mentioned above.

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