Discover the Truth About Root Canal Surgery, Ozone Therapy, And The Biological Dentist

Did you know that as much as 16% of the population is afraid of visiting the dentist? This fear prevents people from getting the treatment and care they need. If neglected your teeth are more likely to be painful, experience issues, and even fall out.

Overcoming this fear is not easy, which is why many people are turning to holistic dentists, such as this dentist Toowong.

Root Canal

A great example of this is root canal surgery. Even the name can make most people shudder. The conception is that it is painful and invasive. It is invasive but not particularly painful.

But the irony is that many people would not need root canals if they visited their dentist regularly.

Root canal surgery is generally seen as the last option to prevent tooth loss. During the process, the pulp inside the tooth is removed and the area cleaned thoroughly. The space can then be filled to provide the tooth strength. To finish the look you’ll need a crown or bridge. Once completed it’s unnoticeable.

The Biological Dentist

A biological dentist is also known as a holistic dentist. They have been trained in all the same practices as a traditional dentist. However, they also embrace new technologies. Their aim is not to just treat your oral problems, but to recognize that your body is connected.

This means, before they offer treatment, they will consider the impact on the rest of your body. Equally, when diagnosing an issue they will take your overall health into consideration.

It should be noted that a holistic or biological dentist is a dentist that has adopted the holistic approach to dentistry, they need the same qualifications as a traditional dentist.

Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy is simply the practice of introducing ozone gas into your body when treating an issue or undertaking a procedure. Ozone gas is colorless and odorless. It is a combination of three different atoms of oxygen.

In fact, research into ozone gas was conducted as long ago as the mid-nineteenth century. Research showed that it improves the way your body uses oxygen and therefore boosts immune function.  It is believed to help your body fight bacterial infections, viruses, yeast, fungi, and even protozoa.

It is also anti-inflammatory and has been used by surgeons for many years. A biological dentist will use ozone gas after they have removed the pulp and cleaned the tooth. They can also use it when undertaking standard fillings.

The theory is that it is almost impossible to confirm that all decay has been removed from inside a tooth. If any is left it will fester and cause issues. Ozone gas can be injected into the area to ensure any bacteria is killed and you won’t have any further issues.

Dentists are using it when undertaking fillings to prevent the need for a root canal later. They are also using it to ensure the root canal process is effective and as painless as possible.

In short, if you have an issue with your teeth check out the biological dentist today, they could be exactly what you need.

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