Discover The Major Changes That Affect Divorcing & Separating Families

When you say your wedding vows you’re committing to a lifetime with the one that you love. At that moment you can’t imagine a life without them. However, circumstances and people change, it’s the reason one in three marriages end in divorce.

The good news is the average length of a marriage has increased in the last ten years, going from 10.7 years to 12.1 years. While most couples don’t want to break up, the truth is some people are better apart. But, regardless of the circumstances, divorce and the separation of unmarried parents will cause major changes in people’s lives.

That’s why it’s important to see a specialist in family law Sydney and get the best possible guidance through this difficult time. It will make it easier for everyone.

There are several major changes and numerous psychological effects that can result from divorce. It is generally children that are most affected.

Change of Location

The most obvious change for many children is their location. In order to reduce stress and strain on children, it is best if they stay in their family home and continue attending the same school.

However, this is not always an option, leaving children in a new location, without friends, feeling vulnerable. It can lead to regression, decreased confidence, and children can question their own identity and purpose in life.

Financial differences

Naturally, separation means a change in finances. For adults and children, it can be hard to adjust to survive on one wage where there used to be two. Unless the parent is earning exceptionally good money, it’s likely that all the extras will stop, this can leave children wondering if it is something they did.

Finances can also cause a lot of tension between family members as the person not looking after the children full-time will often have more disposable income. This enables them to shower children with gifts, which will cause discontent with the other parent who is unable to do this.

Parents can use this to set the children against the other parent, causing emotional distress for everyone involved.


Children that are going through a divorce are more vulnerable as their world turns upside down. While many relationships end in separation, that doesn’t stop others from taking advantage of a child’s weakness.

Many divorced children are victims of bullying which can have serious effects on their confidence and self-esteem. Bullying can potentially damage your child’s future.

Separation Anxiety

It’s natural for children to suffer separation anxiety. They are used to their parents both being there when they need them. With divorce and separation, this is no longer an option. The younger the child the less control they will have over events and the ability to see the other parent.

This results in anxiety and increased stress. Unfortunately, this is likely to spread into other areas of their life, causing them to lose confidence and potentially become a shadow of the child they were.

Getting help through the separation and ensuring your child always has someone to talk to will help.

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