Different tips to keep your skin in good condition

Most people like to take care of their skin but there is a lot of things that can damage your skin quite dramatically if not taken care of. This can include things like sun-rays or even oils and dirt. As the years go on, both men and women are taking more of an interest on their skincare and there are loads of money being spent on all distinct types of products. This makes this market remarkably interesting as different companies are competing globally. Some people are very conscious about the aging element of their skin and as such will even invest in getting treatment that supports ant-aging. Here are some of the tips to keep your skin in the tip top condition.

Hand Cream

Depending on what you do for a living and what your skin is exposed to will determine the creams that you should consider using. Hand creams are ones that really do help bring the moisture back into your hands if they have been exposed badly. You can get these in all types of brands and one of the most popular for both men and women is the lemon hand cream. Using this regularly throughout the day will not only help put the moisture back into your skin but it will have it smelling great. When you use this sort of hand cream is up to you, but most people will apply it several times a day and specifically in the morning / night or after work. Some people will also place these in toilets and kitchens in their home so that others may benefit from these.

Limit direct sunlight

A lot of people like to expose themselves to direct sunlight to get themselves a tan however this is something that is bad for your skin and can make it look aged very quickly. There are still loads of ways to get the darker look you would get from a tan without exposing yourself to the rays or the sunbeds. Tinted moisture cream is one of the best ways where you are giving your skin a level of moisture, a tan look but without the damage from sunrays.

Apply moisture after shaving

It sounds like common sense that you should apply some moisture to your skin after shaving however not everyone follows this. If you think of it, you have irritated your skin and removed the hairs with moisture and these needs replaced otherwise your skin could react negatively. You could even see levels of rashes come out in areas. This is even more important for men who shave as there is sometimes a habit for them to immediately put on aftershave without the cream. Doing this is not treating your skin fairly and it is important you put the moisture cream on immediately after the shave to rehydrate it.


We’re all becoming more aware of how our actions affect our skincare, and it’s just as well because it can have lasting effects on your health and appearance.

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