Designing a Fairytale Bedroom

Most children go through a phase in their lives where they love fairytales. Whether it’s a Disney princess version, or your classic Grimms school of stories, there’s something about these books that continues to grab imaginations, generation after generation. Perhaps it’s that we enjoy sharing something we loved ourselves with our own children, perhaps it’s the strong moral message that usually comes with them, or perhaps it’s simply that children love stories they can then act out themselves in their play: stories of bravery and conflict, of resolution and love.

It follows then, that a fairytale bedroom is a dream come true for many kids. What could be more fun than going into your own magical kingdom, or woodland grotto? And the fun thing about it is that you really get to go crazy with your imagination too. You might even start to wonder who this room is actually for!

Here are a few ideas, depending on how far you want to go!


  1. Basic but magical: You don’t need much to make a room magical. Twinkling fairy lights, a few wall decals and a a small double divan bed with a canopy draped over it would still be an amazing retreat for a small child. You could even make a lovely little story corner with beanbags, and of course more fairy lights so that your little bookworm can do what they love best. I love this idea of lights on the ceiling too. How gorgeous!
  2. Ful-on Disney princess: As much as we might be imagining something more tasteful, we have to admit that for a lot of girls, and some boys too, a fully pink room is what they most desire. You could try and squeeze a few other colours in too but you might not have much luck. Are you brave enough for a room like this one?
  3. Enchanted Forest: If you’re feeling really creative, why not try to decorate a room just like something from Hansel and Gretel or Snow White? Green walls, some plush rugs and fun animal, woodland and floral wall decals could set the scene. Woodland duvet sets, lots of toy animals and perhaps even some twisted wood features too. You could really set the scene with this one and it’s an theme which is easy to accessorise, as well as super fun for children.
  4. Fairytale Castle: Are you good with a paintbrush? What about an amazing castle mural? This is definitely one that will appeal to boys and girls, maybe they can take it in turns to be princesses and knights!

Whatever you end up doing, your child is sure to have a wonderful magical place to sleep and play, so I say go mad and indulge their imagination!

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