Could You Be The Editor Of A New Local Magazine?

Families Magazine is looking for a new franchisee to become the Editor of a new magazine in the Essex area…. could this be you?

There are currently 36 existing editions of Families Magazine in the UK and Families is aiming to start number 37 in Essex

So what is a Families magazine?

It’s a free publication for parents and carers of children ages 0 to 12. Published a minimum
of 6 times a year, each issue of the magazine is filled with fantastic information about days
out, family events and activities, kids’ clubs and classes in the local area, as well as useful
articles about education, childcare and parenting and health.

Families Magazine is loved by local parents who find the content invaluable, so as Editor you play a vital and rewarding role in bringing essential information to your community.

What is it like to be an editor?

Jayne Keep from Macclesfield, Cheshire currently runs Families Cheshire and Families Manchester Magazines with co-editor, Caryl Hall.

Jayne says…

“We took on the Cheshire franchise of Families in 2009, I had taken redundancy from a full
time role whilst pregnant with my second child and knew I didn’t want to return to working
9-5 and having to juggle family life with work commitments. I spent some time searching for
self-employed, flexible, work from home options and I looked into some of the franchises
such as running activity classes but they didn’t feel very ‘me.’ Then I found an article online
about Families Magazine and it sounded ideal. My passion for reading and writing instantly
drew me to the business. My friend Caryl felt drawn to the option too so we chose to get
together on the project, launching the Cheshire edition in March 2009. We’ve never looked
back. In fact, we loved it so much that 18 months later we bought a further franchise,
Families Manchester.”

“Running the magazines over the last 8 years has been amazing for me and for my family. I
have the flexibility to be there through school holidays or when one of the children is ill. I
even get to include my children in my work as we review local shows, classes, parties and
activities. My 7 year old son Logan says he never wants me to stop running a magazine!”

“The work is challenging, which also makes it rewarding. You do have to get out of mum-
mode, use your brain and be a business woman. I just love speaking to local businesses
about how I can help them promote their events or services, and negotiating deals knowing
the more I put into the pages of the magazine the more money I can draw out for me and
my family. There are so many aspects to the role: writing, editing, proof reading, assisting
with design and print, selling the ad space, working through invoices and accounts. It is
definitely a varied role that gives you a huge skill base to take forward into other roles in the

Wondering if being a Families franchisee could suit you?

Their local Editors:

  • Work flexibly from home.
  • Have the opportunity to create the ideal work/life/parenting mix.
  • Have the opportunity to review family friendly children’s shows, activities and events.
  • Enjoy stimulating and rewarding work.
  • Work for themselves building a business asset which is saleable in the future.
  • Enjoy the benefits of marketing a brand-leading publication.
  • Receive full training/
  • Receive business support from an experienced franchisor team which ensures that whilst they work independently, advice and help is always available.

What skills and time do you need?

Motivation and ambition are key. You need to:

Want to run and grow a business, set targets and strive to beat them in order to maximise the money you make for your family.

Be a tenacious seller, with previous sales experience or a willingness and drive to get out there and do it.

Have 25 to 30 hours a week available to run your franchise.

Desire to share with other parents all the great family-friendly things that Essex has to offer!

What else do you need to operate a Families franchise?

Just a phone, computer, a printer – and the passion to embark on a new journey! Families Magazine will provide the rest. You even get your first issue print costs covered, plus free sales support to secure advertisers for you while you are establishing your business.

For more information see here, or to make an enquiry and receive a Franchise Information pack, call Jen on 07900 588 475 or email her on [email protected]  Please leave your telephone contact number to ensure we can contact you

Can you help find them a Franchisee?

This opportunity may not be for you, BUT maybe it would suit a friend, colleague or someone you know. Families will say thank you by giving you £200 if you refer on someone who then becomes a Families franchisee. Just contact them and say who you have referred!

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