Cost Effective Kid’s Birthday Ideas

It is always special when you make a big fuss about your kids’ birthdays. It gives them something exciting to look forward to throughout the year, and they will cherish these memories forever. However, not every parent has the money to go all out every year.

The fact that you are a bit tight on funds doesn’t mean that your child’s birthday has to be any less perfect than it normally would be. You just have to be a bit more creative with your plans, that’s all. So, if you are struggling to budget for your kid’s birthday party then consider using some of the advice below.


One of the biggest benefits of having a child in school is that they are surrounded by plenty of children of a similar age. What’s more, current events have made it so that almost every parent is having to cut back on expenses. Therefore, you may benefit from joining forces with another parent and planning a party together.

Your child isn’t going to make friends with everyone in their class. That is an impossible reality. However, if your child is friendly with someone with a birthday close to theirs you may be able to engineer a situation where they can share a birthday party. This approach allows both parents to share the cost and your children still get to have a great birthday.

Make the Cake

It may not seem like it, but it is much cheaper to buy the ingredients and make a birthday cake yourself than it is to buy one in the store. The cakes on shop shelves are usually more professional-looking, but young kids hardly ever pay attention to these details. They are far more preoccupied with the fact that there is cake in front of them than anything else. Therefore, you can get away with not being the best baker in the world.

If you are really struggling with your cake-making skills, you could always request the help of someone else in the family. Also, there are plenty of task-sharing apps available online that can link you with someone with the abilities you require. This means that you never have to resort to spending that much money on a store-bought cake again even when you have money to spare.

Host A Slumber Party

Booking a venue is expensive, and most of the budget toward the party goes toward hiring a space like this. Fortunately, you have a perfectly suitable area to host a party that is totally free.

Your home is a fine place to host a birthday party if you choose the right activity. For example, a kid’s slumber party costs you nothing, and it brings all your kid’s friends together under one roof for a night they won’t forget. There are plenty of slumber party ideas on site like Greenvelope that will keep your guests entertained for next to nothing. Therefore, the only major expense you will need to make for a party like this is the food.

Digital Invitations

You are currently living in an age where email is the most popular form of communication, so take advantage of this. Store-bought party invitations are a waste of money when you consider the fact that they are just bits of cards with printing on them. An email invitation sends the exact message at no cost to you whatsoever. Plus, the school should have provided you with a list of contact details of the other parents at the start of the year. As such, you can design and send your invites in less than half an hour if you do it digitally. What’s more, this method of sending invites is much better for the environment.

Plan Throughout The Year

The biggest benefit for you when it comes to planning your kid’s birthday is that you have all you to work on it. The date isn’t exactly going to sneak up on you. This means that you can use this time to your advantage.

Instead of shopping for gifts two weeks before their birthday, see if the same things are available when Black Friday rolls around. Your party will need decorations, and fortunately, the local stores will be trying to get rid of their excess decorations during the Christmas sales. It may take you longer to plan things but preparing throughout the year is the best way to give your child the perfect birthday for half the cost. Furthermore, it is easier to hide these items as they will be expecting to find them hidden around the time of their birthday. Luckily, you are several steps ahead.


It is normal for parents to struggle with money worries at some point, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still give your kid the birthday they deserve. Use these clever ideas, and they won’t notice a thing.

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