Children and Foster Carers unite to record an emotional song at the famous Abbey Road Studios, London, to raise awareness of the need for 8,000 new Foster Families in the UK

The NFA Group has collaborated with over 200 children and foster carers in the creation
of an original and very personal song which raises awareness of the need for an additional
8,000* foster families to support vulnerable children and young people across the UK.
Children, young people and Foster Carers supported by the NFA Group were asked to
contribute lyrics to create a song responding to the question ‘what does fostering mean to
you?’ Over 160 entries were received and incorporated into the final song – entitled ‘The
Light & The Calm’ – which will be released in support of The Fostering Network’s annual
Foster Care Fortnight campaign from 13 to 26 May 2019.

An additional 40 foster carers, birth and foster children, along with extended families and
the NFA team, then enjoyed a unique and extra special experience of recording the song in
the iconic Abbey Road Studios in London in April 2019. Using the same legendary studio as
The Beatles, Ed Sheeran, Adele and Oasis, ‘The Light & The Calm’ was recorded by awardwinning
audio engineer, Lewis Jones, who has previously worked on smash hits and
soundtracks for Hollywood films including Harry Potter, Black Panther and Skyfall.

David Leatherbarrow, CEO of NFA Group commented: “Our song captures the important
role and positive impact fostering has on many vulnerable children and how it can truly help
transform young lives. Foster carers are trained and skilled experts in their field and provide
an exceptional service to local communities, opening not only their home but also their
heart to children in need and local to them.”

David continued: “To say the Fostering Network’s calculations of 1 child entering into care in
need of a foster family every 20 minutes and an 8,000 foster family shortfall is concerning
would be an understatement. Without additional carers, vulnerable children, many of
whom have experienced neglect and abuse, are at risk of being placed long distances away
from their family and friends and are often separated from their siblings. ‘The Light & The
Calm’ is just one way we can help raise awareness of and address this extremely important
issue nationally.”

In addition to launching the song during this years’ Foster Care Fortnight – the theme for
which is ‘Change A Future’ – NFA Group are also asking their fostering families to contribute
video footage of fostering life, a selection of which will form an official music video which
will be launched later this year.

Since recording the ‘The Light & The Calm’, the NFA Group has been overwhelmed by the
positive response they have had from everyone involved in its creation. Emma Finch,
Marketing Manager at NFA Group, said: “The project has had results beyond anything we
would have expected or hoped for. We have received so many emails and Facebook posts
from our carers, saying how much this project has changed their life and the children’s

“People have told us it was their dream to go to Abbey Road, and we made it come true.
Others have said talking about music has helped their young person open up for the first
time – which really sums up what an amazing experience it has been, and reinforces what
the whole song is about.”
Vicky Dobson, NFA Group’s Head of Marketing concludes: “We are committed to dreaming
big, both for the children in our care, our fostering families and our employees. Creating a
unique song with such a significant message and objective is hugely satisfying but being able
to offer a unique opportunity such as recording the song at Abbey Road to our fostering
families was exceptionally rewarding. We have equally big aspirations for the song later this
year and are looking forward to sharing more details with you in the future.”

*6,800 in England, 550 in Scotland, 550 in Wales, and 200 in Northern Ireland. Source:

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