Celebrities That Have Left Their Mark in London

London is a beautiful city; full of life and not at all short of amazing people who get recognition not just by the local scene, but also by the global scene at large, and what talent this great city harbors. Below are some of our esteemed celebrities and their mark in London.


All hail the queen of pop. Reigning from the 80s to date, she just never gets old, and we will love her songs and sing along for life. Who minds seeing her raw talents as she graces our screens even in films? Madonna is arguably the most impactful famous personality in London. Just recently, she has raised funds for victims of the Beirut explosion. Such a beautiful gesture, yet not the only one she’s shown over the years. She is downright generous and empathetic, among her accomplishments is a children’s hospital in Malawi. The mother of six children, four of whom are adopted, is a legend in her own much-earned rights. Still looking quite young and fresh at 62 years, we hope to have her much longer. We will forever have her close even through her intriguing books, both for our children and us. She has set a high bar for anyone hoping to be ever so ready to stretch a helping hand. 

Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue has her own significant following and wows most of us with her open and quite humble personality. She has been particularly interesting us lately with tales of her lockdown adventures and encouraging us by coming out as relatable as could be in our general lives saying that she hasn’t been able to accomplish much of her to-do list for this quarantine period but at least learned to make her music, something she didn’t do before. She set up a home studio for this; read more here about her £16 million-worth apartment in London. She also admitted that she didn’t do too well with keeping fit during the lockdown, too many of us know exactly what she’s talking about. 

Naomi Campbell 

The fashion industry has its influencers. Naomi Campbell is outstanding. Remaining relevant from the 80s. She was the first black supermodel of her time and has been very successful since. For the longest time, she has brought up racial discrimination in the industry. Even now, as she acknowledges an improvement, she continues to seek equality. She has also shown support and faith in the African fashion scene. In 2005, she started the Fashion for Relief Foundation, using her talents and inviting more like her to help victims of hurricane Katrina and Typhoon Haiyan. She started these works with the late great Nelson Mandela. She has been a beam of hope.

Charlie Chaplin 

When there was no audio to our films, came a man who rose to the task and delivered. With his signature look, Charlie Chaplin brought so much life to our screens and laughter to our rooms. He will forever be the face of the silent-film era. He set the pace in films so that, even when sound could be used in our films, he challenged the actors to be expressive which shaped the status of the current film. His understanding of the industry and the artists came through, and his quotes always left more to ponder on. The fact that he was banned from the US due to differences in beliefs might as well be a positive lesson; I tend to imagine he would have served as a perfect role model in today’s world. 


Seal, the most talented singer, and songwriter, selling over 20million records worldwide is famous for various reasons, among them his celebrated hit of 1994, ”kiss from a rose”. His real name is Henry Samuel Olusegun. Beyond his music, one thing that will capture you about him is the scars on his face. They have raised questions over the years like any other scars, telling a story of his life. The lupus disease, an autoimmune disease that causes the body to attack its own tissues and organs, is responsible for the scars. Seal also opened up about his mental health, beyond his physical health, saying that he has dealt with anxiety and panic attacks for over 30 years. He is an excellent example of those suffering like him, saying that no one needs to suffer in silence. He encourages them to open up to a friend if not a therapist. We applaud him for being so brave and real with us.

The personalities mentioned above have very different approaches to life and different characters altogether. Even so, in one way or another, they are looked upon by their admirers and contribute to the community. They are a force to reckon with, and this is by no chance the last of the list of London’s stars.

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