Carpet Maintenance: 6-Step Cleaning Process

Carpets are an important part of any house; they give the house its own persona and make the space feel warm and nice. Of course, your house will remain as such, so long as the carpets are in good condition. The problem arises when your carpet looks a bit tainted; it affects your house as a whole. 


Step 1

Cleaning your carpet is important, but you cannot jump to the cleaning process without identifying the main problem first. Identification is an integral part of the whole process and should be the first thing on your list. You need to inspect and identify the problematic areas first. Look out for what looks like permanent stains, and heavily dusty parts. 


Step 2

Now that you have carefully inspected your carpet; it’s time for the next step. You need to use a detergent or a preconditioning agent onto your carpet. It’s supposed to separate the soil that’s stuck to your carpet and makes it look dull and dirty. It’ll thoroughly clean your carpet and restore it to its initial condition. 


Step 3

Don’t feel stressed if the preconditioning agent didn’t clean every spot. Remember the potentially permanent stains? Well, they can’t really be removed by any agent, which is why the third step is known as the spot-treatment stage. This is the stage where you use specified solutions to clean the heavily stained parts. 


Step 4

If you live in West London then you’re familiar with the carpet rotary brush. West London is known as one of the most heavily polluted places in London, which is why carpet cleaning in West London is very important. All you need to use now is to move this brush onto your carpet in any motion you like; the brush will rotate on its own. Don’t forget to clean beneath your carpet as well. 


Step 5

Now that you have thoroughly cleaned your carpet; you once again need to see if there are any stains left. Don’t panic if there are still some tainted spots remaining on your carpet; all you need now is extra treatment. Just clean it with special spotting agent and then cover it with a professional carpet protector.


Step 6

Congratulations, you’ve arrived at the final stage. Simply, all that’s left is to add some fans around your carpet, so you can speed the whole drying process. After all the cleaning, your carpet is going to be fairly wet. So instead of leaving your carpet to dry in a dusty area, you can speed dry it in your house.

You don’t need to maintain your carpet regularly, so long as you take care of it when it needs to be taken care of. Cleaning your carpet is an easy process that won’t take a lot of time from you. All you need to do is to inspect your carpet first and identify its problematic areas, you then need to add an agent on it, add spot treatments, use a professional brush, then add another layer of the special solution, and finally dry your carpet. 


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