Car Upgrades That Will Turn a Good Road Trip Into a Great One

Going on a road trip can be a lot of fun, especially if your friends are coming along with you. Making a few minor upgrades to your car and bringing a few gadgets along with you can make it much better, however. Upgrading your car and arriving fully equipped with gadgets and gizmos is a great way to not only improve your trip but to look awesome in front of your friends. This page will hope to tell you a few upgrades and gadgets that will turn a simple run of the mill good road trip, into one that is totally awesome!

Cargo Carrier

A road trip can turn sour very quickly after your friends or family realize there’s a limit to how many bags they can bring. This can quickly turn into an argument, with your friend or relative trying to bargain with other members of the road trip into letting them put their bags in the car and taking the other person’s out. With a cargo carrier, this ceases to be a problem. As the cargo carrier experts at mentioned, cargo carriers are versatile, useful, and very practical. It can be attached to the underside of your car and allow you to fasten crates of cargo to the back of your car, thereby creating more storage space. Who better to trust than the professionals?

Wireless Mount

Attaching a wireless mount to the dashboard of your car is a road trip essential. Those in the car with you may want to watch television; music videos; movies; funny clips, and anything else that could potentially cross their mind. A wireless mount is a smartphone holder that attaches to your dashboard and holds your phone magnetically. It is also a great way to use your satnav without having to check your phone on your lap every minute or have somebody explain the directions to you.

USB Portal

USB portals are another wonderful addition to your car and a total upgrade from the one USB port on your in-built stereo. USB portals will allow people in your car to listen to music, charge their phone, or transfer data. USB portals are essential for any car journey – we all have that one friend who always wants to play his music, but if there is only a single USB portal, he will not be able to because phones will need to be charged. Definitely upgrade your car and invest in a USB portal.

Bluetooth Tracker

Long car journeys can suddenly become scary when you get to a service station and cannot find your car keys. Bluetooth key trackers attach to your keyring and can be activated remotely. When you activate the tracker your keyring will instantly light up and set off a high-pitched alarm that will allow you to find it and determine whether or not it has been stolen. They are essential for any car journey, especially now that many cars are keyless.

Jump Starter and Charger

You can find many jump starters that double as portable chargers on the internet. These are very effective, as one can never have too many sources of power when you are setting out for a road trip. A car breaking down on a road trip can be a big problem, especially if you are far from any towns, villages, or cities. Many of these also come with built-in flashlights which are another great asset. They can fit snugly in the boot of your car and will be waiting there for you, should you ever need to use them.

Cooler and Warmer

A cooler and warmer is something you will need in the back of your car if you are going out on a road trip. A cooler and warmer is a great upgrade and an awesome way to impress your friends and family when you are embarking out on a road trip. Keep it a surprise, then ask somebody to lean over and pass you a cold beer from the cooler; the look on their faces will be priceless. These systems can be built into your car or can be separate.

Mobile Wi-Fi

Bringing a mobile Wi-Fi router along and giving your car its own Wi-Fi connection is another awesome upgrade that you can make, and one that will be greatly appreciated and coveted during your road trip. We all have that family member and relative who never has data.


Hopefully, with the help of this page, you will be able to set off toward your next road trip in style. Road trips are a lot of fun and can be very memorable experiences if they are given forethought and planning.

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