Can You Fix It? Yes, You Can! Plumbing Tips For Busy Mums

There isn’t a mum out there who doesn’t have at least fifty plates spinning in the air at any one time, so adding ‘Plumber’ to your list of credentials might feel like it’s one step too far.

Step back and think for a moment. While there are plumbing jobs that most definitely require professional attention, some of the simpler tasks can be handled at home, and at a fraction of the cost.

Have a look at these simple plumbing hacks every mum can add to her arsenal.

Lagging Pipes

If you have real concerns that a pipe is likely to burst, or if it is already leaking, then it’s always best to seek the help and advice of professional plumbers such as There are, however, other small fixes you can make yourself to ensure that pipes inside and outside the home stay safe.

Pipes can sometimes expand and contract due to weather conditions, and even with age and constant use. Applying foam pipe insulation to them can help keep them protected and also working in tip top condition for longer.

Simple household products can help unblock drains

There are some simple hacks you can use to unblock drains and many of them are inexpensive and use products you may already have in your cupboards.

If you have frozen pipes, then a simple salt water mix can help to slowly open things up and return them to normal.

If your drains have minor clogs in them, then there are a couple of tips you can try. The first one is to try a solution of baking soda mixed with plain vinegar. Firstly, pour a generous amount of baking soda down the drain and follow this up with a good glug of vinegar. These two products produce a chemical reaction that helps to clean the drains from the inside. Rinse the drain thoroughly with warm water afterwards to remove any residues.

If that doesn’t work, or you know the blockage is more stubborn than that, then you can try using a wet/dry vacuum cleaner on it. Apply it to the front of the drain to help open things up and remove any major issues. Again, once the blockage is removed be sure to run the clean, warm water through the drain.

Clogged lavatories

A clogged lavatory is something every parent comes to dread.

Usually they can be fixed quite simply, especially if it’s a specific item that’s causing the blockage such as a dropped toothbrush or hairbrush. Using a wet/dry vacuum cleaner can help retrieve it, though you may want to bin the blockage causer straight away.

If you’re dealing with a toilet that isn’t flushing correctly, then fill a two gallon bucket, switch off the water supply, and start to pour the water slowly into the toilet to give the flushing mechanism a helping hand.

All of these ideas are suggestions for minor plumbing problems. If you suspect there are major issues with the pipes or the lavatory in your home, then it is always best to seek the advice of a professional plumber.


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