Best Types of Braids to Try on Your Hair

Tying your hair into braids is a simple, yet effective way to turn your locks into a statement look – there are various different types of braids you can go for that create different signature looks. You can get braids that make you look cute and elegant, or braids that can make you look fierce and sexy, meaning that there is a style of braid out there to suit every personality and every look.

For women, or even men with hair long enough, here is a look at some of the most iconic types of braids that you simply need to try.


Box Braids

Box braids are a classic go-to hair style for those with Afro-textured hair. To create this look, all of the hair will be sectioned into squares and worked into individual plaits, hence the name. These types of braids work great with naturally long hair, but the technique also gives you the option to braid in extensions from Hair2Love, which can help you create a look that’s sure to turn heads.

The beauty of these braids is that they can be any length or thickness, however, those with thin or fine hair may want to opt for smaller box braids so that there is less tension pulling on your scalp. They are a very time-consuming braid to put in, so you have to be committed with the choice, although once they’re finished, they should last for weeks on end and are very low maintenance.


French Braids

French braids are a great option of braid simply because of their versatility and how they’re suitable for almost every environment. They can be worn for casual events, while you’re working at the office, or even at the gym.

These braids give you a timeless and feminine style, which can be made more professional if kept super smooth, or romantic when some face-framing pieces are pulled out. They’re also a great braid that works well in combination with other braids to really create a distinctive and interesting look that’s a favorite for wedding guests.


Braided Ponytail

Having a braided ponytail is another, interesting way to style your braids as a person with Afro-textured hair, with the best option being a high ponytail. This is because this style draws the eyes up, making you face appear thinner and more refined.

For the best results, be sure to secure it with a snag free elastic band and then to cover the elastic with some of your braid wrapped around it to hide it. You’re also able to add hair accessories into it to create some extra personality.


Dutch Braid

The Dutch braid is a more distinctive hair style, due to how it’s an underhand type of braid, meaning that your hair will stand out from your head instead of lying flat against it. This can make your look more regal and make your hair more impactful.

It’s created with the standard three-strand technique, meaning that it should be easy to apply for people who are familiar with the common plait. The Dutch braid is a great way to take the usual braid to the next level and can also be used to create double braids or crown braids which is great for formal occasions.


Lemonade Braids

Lemonade braids are an interesting type of braid, due to how they deviate from a classic style to make something new. To create these braids it involves making neat, even and closely spaced out cornrows that instead of going front to back, go from left to right.

The style was made famous my popular singer Beyonce, who wore them on the cover of her album Lemonade, hence the name. They’re a versatile look that can be made to any size or thickness, and to really spice them up, they can be worn with other cornrow styles like a zig-zag, or accessories such as beads.


Fishtail Braid

The fishtail braid is a classic due to it’s simplicity and how it’s not a very complex braid that can be applied on the fly. To create it you simply need to adopt the French or Dutch braiding technique while separating your hair into small, half inch sections while keeping your braid full of tension to stop it from falling apart.

The look is just as great on short hair as it is on long hair and can be elevated to a double fishtail look to create a really splendid and attractive hairstyle that’s great for completing a boho look.

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