Becoming a Mum Could be the Starting Point for Your Entrepreneurial Dreams

It may sound counterintuitive that becoming a mum means anything but exactly that since it is a fulltime job through and through! However, when you take that break from work and sit at home for a few months, it might just give you the time you need to conjure up a small business plan of your own.

Once the initial few months (or a year) are over and you finally have the opportunity to put those plans into effect, things may just click and you may never have to go back to work in an office that belongs to someone else, ever again. In the meanwhile, mull over these ideas and see if any of them resonate with you or not.

The Talented Mum has More than Just One Avenue to Pursue

For mums who have talent in any creative, artistic or productive field, there is a high chance that they can turn it into a successful business. This goes for anything from being able to create pottery and draw pet portraits to musical and cooking talents.

While the ideas will certainly differ quite a bit, depending on what one’s talent is, it centres around two primary business ideas, as summarized below.

  • Tuition at home or via webcam
  • Marketing and selling a product online

In other words, if you can figure out a talent that you can use to make money, you have already found the idea you need to get started.

What about a Salon Business?

A salon business can be quite successful with minimal investment. You can rent a place, buy an old salon or even turn an outhouse or a big room inside your home into a small, beauty salon, with the last one being the most economical choice, of course!

However, even if you do have the space to launch the salon in your home, the room/building and all the equipment inside it will need to be registered as business property, alongside the business itself. This does mean you will need to register your start-up as a separate entity, even though it might be on the same property as your home.

The salon will also need a separate powerline for the business electricity connection, but here’s the tricky part; unless you compare your quotes from the top business energy providers in your locality, you will be paying a lot more than you need to. Visit Utility Bidder at With their assistance, you can get the best possible rates per unit for all your salon’s business energy needs.

Use Your Work Experience: Start a Consultation Business

If you have worked in any field of work for a significant enough time, you probably have enough knowledge, experience, and information on yourself to start a consultation business in that department. However, there is no doubt it works best if you are a legal, medical or business professional.

You could also use this time to complete an online course for advanced education in your field and add some more credibility to your resume as a consultant.

There is nothing like watching your baby and your business grow simultaneously because, in essence, they are both your children. There are, of course, no guarantees in business, but with so many success stories around to inspire the mumpreneurs of tomorrow, there is no reason why your business can’t be one of them either.

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