Adding Value to Your Property: 3 Tips

Moving home is overwhelming and stressful enough, but you are then faced with the prospect of optimising your current property as much as possible in order to ensure that you get the best financial payback. This is where you need to eliminate your emotional and subjective feelings towards your home, and view it with a more practical head in order to tailor it to new buyers and viewings that you need to prepare for.

Here are the three main tips for increasing the value of your property.

  1. Add More Space with a Conservatory

New buyers love extra living space, and a conservatory is particularly valuable because it gives people the opportunity to spend more time in natural light, especially during summer. This can provide people with a seamless connection between the indoors and the outdoors.

Be sure carry out some thorough research and get the relevant planning permission that you need to be able to attach a conservatory to your home.

If you already have a conservatory, you can add more practicality and value to it by tiling the roof. With the glass roof removed, the conservatory will then be able to function as a room all year round.

  1. Conversions are a Good Idea

Conversion possibilities include:

Loft conversions are amongst the most popular, and they are ideal if you have attic space that you can transform into a new room. This means that you can market your property with an extra bedroom, or showcase a separate home office or living space.

Cellar conversions are always worthwhile if you have a workable cellar which isn’t being used for anything. Converting it means that you can provide ample storage space or extra living space for a new buyer.

While garages are always advantageous for potential buyers with vehicles that they want to store, converting unused garage space can also add value by providing an extra room for the house, which most buyers will look upon more favourably than an empty garage.

If you’re looking for advice on any conversion options or need any information, you can contact property maintenance services in North London.

  1. Update Your Bathroom

A clean and fresh bathroom is a must for any house viewing. However, there are many more things that you can (and should) do with your bathroom if you want to give your house a better chance of selling:

  • Consider updating to a modern style. A lot of buyers can be put off by outdated and unfashionable tiling and bathroom colours, particularly in terms of the facilities. When updating, you should think about economically sound features such as low-flow showers.
  • Keep it tidy. Try to install more storage space so that personal items and toiletries can be stored away.
  • Keep it simple. White and modern is ideal for a potential new buyer. Keep features like towels, bathmats and shower curtains plain and non-descript.

If the New Year has brought with it the perfect time for you to consider putting your property on the market, use these tips to help you add as much value as possible.

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