Accident Cases Your Family Might Encounter in the Future

There are hundreds of thousands of accidents that occur every year and unfortunately, most of us are likely to be involved in some kind of accident at one time or another. Even minor accidents can have serious consequences and can cause significant injuries, damage to vehicles and property, and even death. There are various types of accidents that you can be involved in and each one can result in a different legal case. It is really important to understand how each accident case works to ensure that you get the best possible outcome. In this article, we will explore the different accident cases your family might encounter in the future.


Vehicle Accident

Vehicle accident cases are one of the most common legal cases that people across the world become involved in. In the US alone, there are more than six million vehicle accidents every year and around ninety people die each day as a result of the most serious incidents. Minor vehicle accidents may only lead to relatively inexpensive vehicle damage, but serious vehicle accidents can cause a huge amount of property damage and personal injury. If you are involved in a vehicle accident, it is really important to take the right steps to ensure that you are able to get the compensation that you are entitled to and which will enable you to get the treatment you need and pay for repairs to your property. 

The first thing that you need to do is to hire an experienced team of local attorneys who will be able to fight your corner and hold responsible parties and insurance companies to account. After a vehicle accident, you are usually entitled to do different kinds of compensation. The first is compensation for economic damages. This covers all of your medical bills, the cost of repairing and or replacing your damaged vehicle and property, and also any loss of earnings due to time you had to take off as a result of the accident. The second type of compensation is for non-economic damages which means for pain and suffering you have experienced and any long-term trauma or disability.

Work-Related Accident

Accidents in the workplace are also very common and can be particularly stressful because when it comes to a legal case, you are usually up against your employers in court. There are various reasons why work-related accidents take place, including employer negligence, unsafe working conditions, and sometimes simple human error. The most important thing to remember when you are involved in an accident at work is that you are legally entitled to take action against your employer and that the law protects your right to do so without facing discrimination. Your employer may try to coerce or threaten you into not seeking the compensation that you are entitled to but it is illegal for them to do so. 

Many people are fearful that if they make a claim against their employer, they could lose their job, and especially after an accident when you may have expensive medical bills to pay, this can be a huge concern. US employee rights are designed to protect you in this kind of situation, so it is always advisable to hire a specialized attorney to take over your case and ensure that your legal rights are not being abused. These rights also extend to any witnesses who saw what happened and can testify in your favor with regard to the circumstances of the accident. Witnesses may be reluctant to come forward to support you out of fear of employer repercussions so it is vital that your attorneys explain their rights to them too.

Premises Liability

Another really common type of accident case that your family might encounter is a premises liability case. This is a special type of personal injury case where you were injured on someone else’s property. That may be in their home, their store, or any other place of business. but the injury will have been caused by their negligence or by some inherently dangerous hazard or feature of their property. An easy example to understand would be if you slipped on the wet floor in a store after the floors had been mopped and injured yourself. There are many factors that are taken into account when responsibility is being considered in a premises liability case and it is worth understanding those factors when bringing a case against an individual or business. 

One argument that the other side often makes is that the hazard was so clear and obvious, that if you managed to not see it, then your accident is the result of you not paying attention. This can be a very effective defense, but there are various counters to it which are often argued in premises liability cases. The first counter is that if the business or property owner acknowledges there was a hazard and that it was so clear and obvious, they should have taken care of it to prevent anyone from getting hurt. They could, for example, only mop the floors when there is no one in the shop. 

Similarly, if there is some inherent feature that distracted you from noticing the hazard, that is another reason why their argument would be deemed to be irrelevant. If for example the floor had been mopped and there was a sign saying “Wet Floor”, but up high was a huge digital advertising screen that caused you to look up and not notice the wet floor and the warning sign, the property owner would be responsible. Premises liability cases are usually quite complex, so it is always advisable to hire an experienced legal team. 

Unfortunately, accidents have very much become a simple fact of life and there is a good chance that you or someone in your family will be involved in an accident at some point. Hopefully, it will just be a minor accident where your property just needs some repairs. Whatever the circumstances of an accident, in order to protect yourself and get the best possible outcome in court, it is vital to hire experienced accident attorneys who will fight the case for you while you focus on recovering and moving on from the incident.

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