A Guide to Pampering for Mums

Let’s face it, pampering is low on the list of priorities for a mum. Sometimes even the bare essentials are difficult to maintain, which is hardly a surprise in terms of how much time and attention children need. But, what about when a mum just needs a rest and a well-deserved pampering?

It might have been a long while since a mum was afforded this luxury, so here is a simple guide to a day or night of pampering!

 “Pampering baths are less about washing and more about relaxing”


Get in the Bath

A simple enough suggestion, but just trying to find the time, the peace and quiet, and a bath without several rubber ducks in it can prove difficult. A bath during a pampering session should be special. Think tea lights or scented candles placed around the bath, a delicious bubble bath or favourite bath bomb, and maybe some soft music or a favourite TV program. A pampering bath is much more about relaxing and unwinding than it is about washing, so take all the time that is necessary!

Pick Some New Beauty Products to Try

Nothing says pamper time like a plethora of new products to try. While moisturising is deemed an essential daily task, realistically it just is not doable for mums who are doing plenty of other things that cannot wait. Taking time to try out a new moisturiser, makeup product or perfume will help inspire confidence and can feel somewhat like a “reset” button for those who do not have a lot of time to themselves.

If it is a struggle to get to the shops right now, why not try visiting scentmagic.com? This site offers a subscription service for some of the most sought-after scents delivered straight to the front door. Something exciting to come home to without lifting a finger!


Get in Some Favourite Snacks

Often, it can be difficult for mums to find the time to sit down and eat something that is truly desired. More than likely breakfast is the bite of a banana, lunch is a handful of biscuits and dinner is whatever the children have left! The dream would be to be able to prepare a favourite meal and to sit down and enjoy it before it turns cold, but sometimes it is best to settle for a compromise. If the time cannot be found for a full-blown meal, then consider picking out some favourite snacks such as luxury chocolate, a delicious cake, or a favourite bottle of wine to enjoy at the end of a long day.

“After watching Peppa Pig for the 37th time, no one deserves to watch a favourite film more than a mum”


Pick a Favourite Film to Watch

To those who are not parents, these ideas are quite possibly the norm, but for those busy mums who do not get a moment to themselves, the idea of watching a new or a favourite film may sound like a distant dream. After watching Peppa Pig for the 37th time, no one deserves to watch their favourite film more than a mum! This is a great addition to a pamper evening, and complements the other ideas suggested in this guide!

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